Wall Mount Mailbox Options That Can Make a Big Difference

March 23, 2016

Whitehall Wall Mount MailboxSearching for new wall mount mailbox options is not a common activity for most homeowners yet, there may come a time when you will need to look for a new residential mailbox.

To assist buyers in their quest to find the perfect wall mount mailbox, the experts at The MailboxWorks unveil five unique wall mount mailbox options that most purchasers fail to consider including:

  1. Mailbox viewing window
  2. Secure locking mailbox
  3. Hidden mailbox mounting options
  4. Mailbox address plaque
  5. Mailbox newspaper holder

1. Mailbox Viewing Window

If you find yourself going outside a few times a day to check to see if your mail has been delivered, consider buying a wall mount mailbox that features a mail delivery viewing window. A mailbox viewing window will allow you to see if your mail has been delivered without having to open your mailbox. In fact, if you can see your mailbox from a home window you won’t even have to go outside to check and see if your mail has been delivered.

Many of the residential wall mount mailboxes that are available online at The MailboxWorks offer this convenient mailbox viewing window including the Ecco 4, Ecco 6, Ecco 7 and Ecco 9 Series of residential mailboxes.

Other wall mount mailboxes that offer this feature include Handmade Vertical Copper mailboxes, View Point Stainless Steel locking mailboxes, the Knobloch Mailbox X locking mailbox, the Blomus Signo Stainless Steel wall mount mailbox, and the Colonial locking mailbox.

2. Secure Locking Mailbox

The second mailbox option to consider is a locking wall mount mailbox, one that can prevent mail theft and identity theft. Many residential wall mount mailboxes at The MailboxWorks offer this secure locking feature. Locking wall mount mailboxes allow your mail carrier to deposit mail directly into your mailbox without a key but ensure that only those with the proper mailbox key can retrieve the delivered mail.

The MailboxWorks carries a large line of over fifty models of locking wall mount mailboxes including locking residential mailboxes by Hentzi, Streetscape, Bobi, America’s Finest, Gaines, Blomus, Knobloch, Ecco, and European Home, among others.

3. Wall Mount Mailbox Options with Hidden Mounting

One of the least considered but most functionally attractive wall mount mailbox options is a hidden mailbox mounting system. While many wall mount mailboxes are simply installed upon a wall using visible screws at the corners of the mailbox, the hidden mailbox mounting system offers a more elegant and clean installation solution. A good majority of available wall mount mailboxes at The MailboxWorks have a hidden mailbox mounting system, although it is infrequently considered by the purchaser.

4. Mailbox Address Plaque

Homeowners who desire their mailbox to serve double duty, as both a mail receptacle and a home address sign, should consider wall mount mailboxes with an address plaque or house address numbers. While many homeowners simply purchase address numbers that coordinate with their mailbox and install them nearby, there are wall mount mailboxes that feature spaces to display house address numbers.

Consider personalized Whitehall wall mount mailbox options that feature either a one-line address plaque (with up to five 3” characters) or a two-line address plate (with 1 ¼” characters). These Whitehall mailbox address plaques can be customized for your address in attractive gold characters in an elegant serif font. Alternatively, you could also consider buying a flat front wall mount mailbox that has a smooth face to accept vinyl address numbers.

5. Mailbox Newspaper Holder

Finally, for homeowners who receive walk up newspaper delivery, consider buying a wall mount mailbox with a newspaper holder that can make one’s mail and paper delivery an easy affair.

Examples of a wall mount mailbox options with newspaper holder available at The MailboxWorks include the Horizon horizontal mailbox, the Hummingbird mailbox, the Floral Vertical or Horizontal mailbox, QualArc residential mailboxes, and the Handmade Vertical wall mount mailbox. One should note, however, that the residential mailbox newspaper holder is not available on any of the locking wall mount mailboxes.

If you still have questions about wall mount mailbox options at MailboxWorks, please give us a call at 1-866-717-4943.

You can learn more about mailbox installation on this USPS mailbox guidelines page.

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