4C Mailbox Suites: How to Choose Your Mounting Preference

January 31, 2012

Florence Black 4C Horizontal MailboxAs architects, developers, and builders consider a USPS-approved mailbox installation at apartments, multi-tenant commercial buildings or multi-tenant residential buildings, the most common mailboxes chosen are the Versatile 4C Mailboxes.  And the most common question that such professionals face is which mounting type of commercial 4C mailbox is best suited to their installation.  In this article, we’ll explore six mounting options for USPS-approved 4C mailbox suites and their suitability to various construction approaches.

UPDATE: 4C Pedestal Mailboxes have been discontinued as of November 30, 2020. The USPS Cluster Box Unit (CBU) Mailbox is now the standard for all multi-family mail delivery.

  1. Front-loading 4C Mailboxes – STD- 4C horizontal mailbox suites are designed primarily for new installations or major renovations where floor space is at a premium and the desire of the developer is to maximize square footage.  These indoor, front-loading, versatile 4C mailboxes are designed to be recessed into a wall and accessed by the postal carrier by opening the front of the 4C mailbox unit.  The postal carrier simply inserts a special key to open the entire unit in order to place tenant or resident mail into each specific compartment.
  2. Rear loading 4C Mailboxes – These rear-loading STD-4C horizontal mailbox units are also designed primarily for new installations or major renovations but not so much to gain square footage for the property but rather to provide quick and easy access to the mail carrier through the backside of the versatile 4C mailbox suite.  Because the backside of these units is open, the USPS requires these indoor 4C mailbox units to be located in a secured room not open to the public.  The mail carrier simply accesses the secured room via their key and is able to deliver mail to each tenant or residents’ specific compartment.
  3. Surface Mounted Front-loading 4C Mailboxes – STD-4C horizontal mailbox suites are crafted for applications where a wall mounted front-loading mailboxes are desired but recessing the units into a wall is impractical.  These indoor versatile 4C mailbox suites provide the same functionality as the front loading, recessed units but are outfitted with a surface mount collar which allows them to be easily affixed to a conventionally constructed wood-stud wall.  Like the front and rear loading recessed mailbox units, these surface-mounted mailboxes are mounted above the ground allowing easy maintenance access to the floor beneath the units.
  4. Pedestal Mounted Front-loading 4C Mailboxes – These STD-4C horizontal mailbox suites are designed for outdoor installation with more compartments than what the typical 16 unit CBU mailboxes provide.  Pedestal mounted front-loading 4C mailboxes provide mail compartments for up to 29 tenants.  Like CBU mailboxes, these versatile 4C mailbox suites are USPS approved for outdoor installations but unlike their CBU mailbox unit counterparts, they do require local postmaster approval before installation.
  5. Freestanding Front-loading 4C Mailboxes – STD-4C horizontal mailbox suites that are freestanding are designed for indoor or outdoor installations where a wall-mounted installation is not preferred or practical.  Perfect for indoor lobby or hallway spaces in apartment buildings or multi-unit tenant buildings, these commercial front loading 4C mailboxes come with a “Vario Depot” stand that allows the versatile 4C mailbox suites to be installed into the well-anchored, pre-engineered mail stand kit.
  6. Front-loading 4C Mailbox Shelters – These STD-4C horizontal mailbox suites are designed for outdoor installations where a wall-mounted unit is undesired.  One of the most adaptable mail stand units available, these 4C mailbox shelters are outdoor mail centers that allow the versatile 4C mailbox suites to be placed linearly, back-to-back, or in a triangular configuration. Both Vario Express style units without roofs and Vario units (with roofing structure) are available.

So whatever your application or mounting requirements for Commercial Mailboxes, one of these six, highly versatile 4C mailbox suites is sure to fit your needs.


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