Introducing Vario Depot Mailbox Shelters for Horizontal 4C Commercial Mailboxes

November 7, 2011

Florence 4C MailboxesThe MailboxWork’s Florence Manufacturing horizontal 4C Commercial Mailboxes are now available with a unique, pre-engineered stand, a mailbox shelter which allows them to be moved from their familiar mounting space on one’s wall to virtually anywhere the post office will approve their mounting, indoors or outdoors.

UPDATE: 4C Pedestal Mailboxes have been discontinued as of November 30, 2020. The USPS Cluster Box Unit (CBU) Mailbox is now the standard for all multi-family mail delivery.

These Vario Depot Mailbox Shelters can stand alone and provide a perfect fit for 4C commercial mailboxes making this unique product the ideal choice for multi-tenant applications.  4C mailbox shelters can even be utilized for USPS-approved 4C trash and recycling bin options, which greatly reduce the chance of tenant litter.

Vario Depot mailboxes can be utilized as indoor or outdoor mailbox shelters and are available in three primary sizes:  small, medium and large to ensure that whichever 4C mailbox suite configuration is required; it will fit perfectly into the mail stand.  Each Vario Depot mailbox shelter comes complete with all hardware (except anchoring hardware which varies depending on the mounting surface).

The stylish 100% aluminum mailbox stand is resistant to corrosion and is available in ten architectural powder coat finishes (some flat and others pebble surfaced to resist graffiti).  Whether mounted indoors or outdoors, Vario Depot mailbox shelters for 4C commercial mailboxes have the fit and finish of a fine automobile and is well received by tenants as an architectural feature of the property.

This turnkey solution provides property managers and developers a flexible and secure solution for tenant mail delivery.  Installation of these mailbox shelters is as simple as securing the base of the mail stand with concrete anchor bolts (or the like) to the ground beneath the unit and then sliding the slides into the mail stand base to form the walls.

In moments, the Vario Depot mailbox covers hold the sides together and a few zaps with a screw gun secures the mail stand in place allowing for the 4C commercial mailbox unit to slide inside the walls for the final step.

To comply with all USPS mailbox installation regulations, first, secure permission to mount Vario mailboxes in your preferred location.  Then mount the 4C mailbox shelter.

Standard use of the mail stand will comply with all the USPS regulations such as:

(1)   Ensuring that at least one of the 4c mailbox compartments is situated no more than 48 inches above the finished floor;

(2)   All parcel lockers must be positioned more than 15 inches above the finished floor;

(3)   Tenant mailbox locks must not be located any more than 67 inches from the finished floor,

(4)   The interior bottom shelf compartment of any tenant mailbox must not be more than 28 inches above  the finished floor; and,

(5)   That the designated USPS Arrow lock is situated between 36-48 inches above the finished floor.

All the regulations for the 4C commercial mailbox installation are met with the utilization of the Vario Depot mailbox stand.


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