The Unique Bold Look Available In Wall Mount Mailboxes

December 3, 2012

Knobloch Hollywood Red Wall Mount MailboxWhen searching for wall mount mailboxes for one’s residence, two primary ascetic options exist when it comes to mailbox color:

  1. Wall mount mailboxes with softer muted colors that blend into the overall architectural design of the house
  2. And wall mount mailboxes with bold colors that draw the eye

While the nation’s leading retailer of residential Wall Mount Mailboxes, The MailboxWorks, carries a wide array of both soft and bold mailbox color options, this article focuses on wall mount mailboxes that make a strong “bold” statement when it comes to mailbox color choices.

Bold But Muted Mailbox Color Options

For a soft feminine look with bold pinks and touches of red, consider the natural hand painted hummingbird wall mount mailboxes crafted of lightweight, rustproof cast aluminum. These easy to mount wall mount mailboxes feature a detailed hand painted azure and emerald winged hummingbird with a bright red needle beak in flight as it visits a bouquet of coral pink flowers nestled among delicate earthy green vines.

The largest coral flower forms the lipped lift for the top of these wall mount mailboxes and a nondescript newspaper holder fits neatly beneath these hummingbird wall mount mailboxes providing a distinct delivery receptacle for one’s afternoon or morning newspaper delivery.

Bold Mailbox Color Options

For an extraordinarily bold, modern and arresting mailbox look, select the stunning Knobloch Hollywood red locking wall mount mailbox, which is simply the boldest of all wall mount mailboxes.  Like all Knobloch wall mount mailboxes, the Hollywood red model is German engineered and consists of galvanized steel and aluminum.

The bold red front mailbox panel is curved outwardly and then powder coated in cardinal red with white sans serif lettering spelling out in caps;  POST.  For those desiring to make a design statement with their wall mount mailbox, the Hollywood red wall mount mailboxes provide a stunning performance.

Bold Stainless Steel Mailboxes

No less modern than the Knobloch wall mounted mailboxes above yet certainly less colorful are the sleek stainless steel wall mount mailboxes featured at The MailboxWorks (a national residential mailbox retailer with the largest online inventory of wall mount mailboxes).

Stainless steel wall mount mailboxes are offered in a wide array of styles from the inexpensive yet distinctive Ecco stainless steel wall mount mailboxes to the top of the line Vega and Capella stainless steel wall mount mailboxes which utilize industrial grade stainless steel and strong design lines.

Of course, in between the entry-level Ecco wall mount mailboxes and the high end Capella and Vega wall mount mailboxes is a wide array of design choices in stainless steel wall mount mailbox designs.

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