Elevate Outdoor Decor with Light-Colored Mailboxes

March 27, 2024

Lighter Finishes Help Contrast with Landscaping

In this MailboxWorks blog, our residential mailbox experts will take a look at three unique, traditional, post mount, light colored mailboxes.

Traditional residential post mount mailboxes are usually purchased in darker color finishes such as black, brown, forest green, and bronze mailboxes. This is because many homeowners wish to have their residential mailbox blend in with their landscaping.

There are also residential mailboxes that are stunningly modern and utilize stainless steel finishes or bright contemporary colors. Although they may stand out against the landscaping, the modern styling doesn’t always compliment the traditional architecture of the home.

So, if your home has traditional architecture and you are looking for post mounted light colored mailboxes to contrast, what are your options?

Here are 3 post mount mailboxes that are available in lighter colored finishes to help them contrast with your home’s architecture:

  1. Streetscape Oxford Mailbox with Newport Post
  2. Gaines Original Keystone Mailbox and Post Package
  3. Whitehall Custom Mailbox and Post Package

Streetscape Oxford Mailbox Newport PostStreetscape Oxford Mailbox with Newport Post

Sitting atop an elegant, round, manila-tan and fluted aluminum mailbox post is the hand made Streetscape Oxford mailbox with Newport Post. This offers a fantastic synthesis of traditional architecture and a light white finish that is sure to contrast with most landscaping.

Designed from heavy gauge solid brass sheeting and bar stock, these Streetscape Oxford post mount mailboxes are hand cut and welded in the U.S.A.

These are hand finished light colored mailboxes; one-of-a-kind, solid brass curbside mailboxes that are truly pieces of art, complete with the refined character of a polished antique patina finish.

When these Streetscape Oxford mailboxes are shipped to customers, the mailbox finish will have variegated colors ranging from reds to browns, and even some pink and yellows. Yet, as the Streetscape Oxford post mount mailbox ages, the colors darken and dull into a far more uniform finish that looks as if the mailbox has been in existence for decades.

A hanging mailbox address plaque is included with the Streetscape Oxford post mount mailbox. There’s also an optional locking mailbox insert (to keep your mail secure).

Gaines Keystone Eagle Mailbox Deluxe PostGaines Original Keystone Mailbox and Post Package

The second residential post mount mailbox with a lighter colored finished is the traditional Uber popular Gaines Original Keystone mailbox and post package.

The Gaines Original Keystone mailbox offers a variety of mailbox finishes that if so desired can blend in with landscaping. However, there are also six lighter mailbox finishes that will help your post mount mailbox stand out including:

  • White with antique bronze accents
  • White with polished bronze accents
  • White with satin nickel accents
  • White with white accents
  • Almond with antique bronze accents
  • And almond with polished brass accents

And each mailbox choice is available with a post and corresponding mailbox address sign in a matching color. An optional newspaper holder and a decorative mailbox post cuff (to hide the unsightly intersection between post and ground) are also available for purchase.

Whitehall Custom Mailbox PackageWhitehall Custom Mailbox and Post Package

For a more traditional mailbox design with a lighter color finish, The MailboxWorks also carries the Whitehall Custom mailbox and post.

While the Whitehall Custom mailbox and post is most often ordered in darker colors like black, bronze, or green finish, Whitehall Custom mailboxes are also available in a very clean white finish as well.

These custom post mount mailboxes can be augmented with a variety of post styles:

  • Standard post – that allows the mailbox to be mounted directly on top
  • Superior post – that side-mounts the rear of the mailbox body to the side of the mailbox post
  • Deluxe post – that also side-mounts the rear of the mailbox and features an elegant finial on top.

Matching side address panels are also available for purchase, as are optional newspaper holders.

Looking for More Post Mount Light Colored Mailboxes?

If you still have questions about buying light colored, traditional post mount mailboxes call our MailboxWorks customer service line toll free at 1-866-717-4943, send us an email, or contact us through our online contact form and someone will be glad to serve you.


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