Selecting Post Mount Mailboxes: Three Quick Tips to a Perfect Choice

August 20, 2012

Keystone Fleur De Lis MailboxIn most residential and rural settings, Post Mount Mailboxes are the norm.  Also called curbside mailboxes, these are the very first impression guests will have of one’s home. So, when it comes time to selecting residential post mount mailboxes, it’s more than a simple choice about functionality, it’s a choice that signals every passerby about the type of individual and home that lies beyond the decorative curbside mailbox. In this article, we’ll provide three quick tips about selecting the best post mount mailbox for your home including:

  1. Non-Negotiable Mailbox Features
    1. Mailbox Size
    2. Mailbox Security
    3. Mailbox Quality
  2. Post Mount Mailbox Style
  3. The Mailbox Post

Non-Negotiable Mailbox Features

First, consider your non-negotiables including your post mount mailbox size, security features, and quality.

Post Mount Mailbox Size – If your mail volume is significant or you often receive packages at home, you’ll not want to budge when it comes to the size of your curbside mailbox. You’ll want a large post mount mailbox that will dictate the rest of your shopping selections since not all post mount mailboxes are available in larger sizes.

Locking Post Mount Mailboxes – You’ll also want to decide whether or not you want a post mount mailbox with a lock. Most post mount mailboxes offer a locking functionality but if you have security concerns, you’ll want to make this non-negotiable in the decision process. No sense in purchasing a particular style of post mount mailbox if it cannot provide the security features you desire.

Post Mount Mailbox Quality – Finally, you’ll want to make a decision about the quality of your post mount mailbox. The MailboxWorks, the nation’s leading retailer of commercial and Residential Mailboxes, offers a broad array of quality post mount mailboxes. However, even though every residential mailbox The MailboxWorks sells passes strict quality control tests, there are varying degrees of quality that often rise and fall with each mailbox’s price point. Some post mount mailboxes are great values, providing tough, long-lasting durability for years to come; others add fine finishes and innovative features that lift the value to a luxury investment. So, decide which level of mailbox quality you’ll require as it will greatly assist you in your search.

By deciding on these three components (mailbox size, security, and quality), you’ll significantly improve your search process for the perfect residential post mount mailbox for your home.

Post Mount Mailbox Style

Second, consider the style of residential post mount mailbox that you might need. The MailboxWorks carries everything from Victorian and heritage style post mount mailboxes to more modern and contemporary styles in curbside mailboxes. It can be tempting to choose a curbside mailbox that draws your eye, but if the style of that post mount mailbox clashes with the style of your home you’ll regret the choice every day you pull in your driveway. So, before you search for mailboxes online and regret an impulse purchase, take a couple of quick digital snapshots of your home’s exterior to help guide you as you look through the dozens and dozens of style choices among post mount mailboxes. Then choose a post mount mailbox that complements your home’s style.

Mailbox Post

Third, consider the mailbox post. You can purchase residential Mailboxes with Post or choose decorative post mount Mailboxes without Post. A savvy homeowner understands that post mount mailboxes to their counterpart posts are like wine to a meal. A good pairing is absolutely stunning; a bad pairing, well, is just bad taste. Certainly, there are circumstances where a simple rural post mount mailbox will pair up well with an unfinished wooden four-by-four mailbox post. But in most residential areas, one must carefully consider the type of mailbox post that is paired with the curbside mailbox. At The MailboxWorks, many of the post mount mailboxes are available in packages where the mailbox post or post sleeve (a sleeve that conveniently fits over the mailbox post) is provided in a package price. Some post mount mailboxes even have a post cuff to accent the bottom of the post and hide any unsightly concrete pours where the post goes into the ground. Other packages have newspaper holders and other fine mailbox accessories that even dress up the post further. Regardless, one must consider the mailbox post. A beautiful post mount mailbox on an undressed post is like wearing flip-flops with a tuxedo. It’s funny once, but not a sight you’d want to encounter every day and certainly not the impression you’d want to give every guest to your home.

So, enjoy the shopping process for your new post mount mailbox. Decide on your non-negotiables (mailbox size, security, and quality). Then, ensure your choice of post mount mailboxes matches the style of your home. And finally, don’t forget to dress up your mailbox post. Take these three steps and you’ll enjoy your unique decorative post mount mailbox for years to come.

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