Secure Locking Drop Box – The Secret to Being “Open for Business” 24/7, 365 Days a Year

July 13, 2011

4C Pedestal Mailboxes Collection Drop BoxesAs service-oriented companies continue to make the upswing in North America’s new economy, consumers are beginning to demand 24-7 attention. When it does not make business sense to launch a labor force for second and third shifts, smart companies are leveraging a little known fact about consumer behavior to provide the “essence of service” with the “cost of service.”

What is the little-known fact?

A: Service-hungry consumers are prone to find ways to transfer responsibility for their problems.

So, how does a Secure Locking DropBox help consumers to transfer responsibility to your business?  Well, before we answer let’s delve into the responsibility transfer research that makes the secure Wall Mount Locking DropBox and the Pedestal Locking DropBox so valuable.

Companies that want to get a new client’s business when all their competitors are closed for the night should focus on ways for that client to transfer the responsibility for the problem they are facing to their company.

“Think of it like an online product purchase,” notes one well-known business consultant, “When you purchase a consumer item like a high-end coffee machine or tea kettle online, you are solving your problem on your schedule and then waiting for the mail to deliver your chosen solution. You’ve transferred the responsibility to the business you purchased from to solve your problem.”  That’s the wonder of a “website” purchase and typically is reserved for online-focused businesses.

So, how do local companies pull this off?   Well, local service companies need to consider myriad ways to accommodate this transfer of responsibility. Companies that actually require the consumer to repair or drop off an item for service face the greatest challenge in making the responsibility shift function well.  Why? Well, the consumer wants to be sure that the transfer actually takes place and whatever is being exchanged is both private and secure.

Epoch Design Wall Mount Drop BoxEnter the secure locking dropbox for local service companies.  Consider these three examples of successful locking drop box use:

Car rental agencies that provide GPS units can remain open for “responsibility transfer” after hours by simply installing a secure drop box for packages in a prominent location so that customers can drop off their GPS units right into the secure locking dropbox.   When company agents arrive in the morning, they can gather the GPS units and check them back into their store for rent again. And all it takes is a secure and convenient way to make the responsibility transfer:  a secure locking dropbox. Car rental agencies can also utilize a secure drop box for keys outside of regular business hours.

Churches can have contributions dropped off in a secure dropbox for payments, which allow parishioners to donate funds or small items to the church whenever their schedule permits rather than during church business hours.  The clergy can simply check the box in the morning and deposit funds collected during the after-hours period.

In the days of major governmental and community budget cuts, many libraries are increasing the number of book drop boxes available to their patrons so that books and media can be returned to the library after hours – a great convenience to the patron and a budget saver for the library itself.

In seeking the best secure locking dropbox for your business application, be sure to consider these steps:

First, measure the size of the package or product or item that will be placed in the secure locking dropbox.  If the sizes of the items vary, note the size of the largest item before you shop for your secure locking dropbox.

Second, note the volume of packages or items that you expect to receive before emptying the secure locking dropbox.  If you have those items in your inventory or close by, collect the number of packages or items you would expect to receive in one retrieval interval and place all the items in a box.  Then measure the box to get your expected volume.  This will help you to know what size of secure locking dropbox to purchase or if you will require more than one for your needs.

Third, decide the most convenient manner for your employees or associates to retrieve the items in the secure locking dropbox.  Some secure locking drop boxes come with an access panel to retrieve the items on the same side as the client drop-off slot and some have a rear access panel.  Decide whether rear or front access works best for your application.

Fourth, decide how clients will interact with the dropbox.  Will they drive up and drop off or walk up and drop off?  Would a curbside pedestal locking dropbox be more suitable or do you need a wall mount locking dropbox? Knowing this will help you choose the particular style of dropbox and will help you understand where best to mount your secure locking dropbox on your property.

With a very small investment – less than a pay period’s labor costs for one person in most cases, a secure locking dropbox can keep your business open 24-7, 365 days a year – ready for the responsibility shift your clients want to make – and ready for the profits that will result from being always “open for business.”

You can make that investment at a “responsibility transfer” company like The MailboxWorks, your best online resource for Commercial Mailboxes.  Whether you order a secure locking dropbox online or call The MailboxWorks toll-free at 1-866-717-4943, you will find top-notch expertise to help you find the perfect locking dropbox for your business or home.

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