Four Eye-Catching Stainless Steel Mailboxes Under $299

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A wall mount stainless steel mailbox is more than just a simple, functional home accessory. Your stainless steel mailbox also enhances your home’s modern architectural motif for your neighborhood, and for your visitors.

At the nation’s leading retailer of stainless steel mailboxes, The MailboxWorks, you can find over two dozen stainless steel mailbox models by many of today’s leading manufacturers, including European Home, Spira, Ecco, and Knobloch.

Some higher end stainless steel wall mount mailboxes require an investment of up to fifteen hundred dollars or more but in this article, The MailboxWorks will highlight four of the thirteen eye-catching stainless steel mailboxes that are available for less than $299 including:

  1. European Home Torgen Mailbox Wall Mount
  2. European Home Curb Appeal Wall Mount Mailbox
  3. European Home Jensen Wall Mount Mailbox
  4. Spira Stainless Steel Mailbox

European Home Torgen Wall Mount MailboxEuropean Home Torgen Mailbox

The first of these four stainless steel mailboxes that are now trending for 2017 is the USA designed European Home Torgen wall mount mailbox.

Featuring a sweeping “east to west” convex curve across the front mailbox panel, this modern wall mount mailbox is constructed of sturdy .03” thick type 304 stainless steel with a satin brush finish.

The Torgen mailbox design is reminiscent of stainless steel mailboxes at significantly higher price points. An optional newspaper holder that also features the same sweeping east to west curve conveniently mounts below the mailbox.

The European Home Torgen is also a secure, locking, contemporary stainless steel mailbox that comes with a high security locking mechanism and two mailbox keys.

Curb Appeal Locking Wall Mount MailboxEuropean Home Curb Appeal Mailbox

Featuring a sweeping “north to south” convex curve across the front mailbox panel, the European Home Curb Appeal wall mount mailbox is also trending.

Like the Torgen, the Curb Appeal stainless steel mailbox is designed and constructed in the USA from .03” thick type 304 stainless steel and also has a satin brushed finish.

The Curb Appeal mailbox is also a secure locking mailbox and is available with the optional newspaper holder that has the same matching curve of the mailbox.

European Home Jensen Wall Mount MailboxEuropean Home Jensen Mailbox with Newspaper Holder

The third modern stainless steel mailbox that is also trending is the European Home Jensen wall mount mailbox. This locking mailbox also features a sweeping “north to south” convex curve across the front mailbox panel.

And, like the other two European Home mailbox designs, the Jensen mailbox is made in the USA from thick .03” erosion-resistant type 304 stainless steel.

Unlike the other two European Home mailbox designs however, the Jensen mailbox comes with a newspaper holder that is integrated into the mailbox design and is located at the bottom of the Jensen mailbox.

Helix Spira Locking Wall Mount MailboxesSpira Stainless Steel Mailbox

Another locking modern wall mount mailbox that is currently trending is the Spira stainless steel mailbox. The Spira mailbox also features a “north to south” curved mailbox door and can also be purchased in a black powder coat finish.

The Spira mailbox is constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel, and the half-moon lid design helps to protect your mail from rain and snow. At only 6 pounds, the Spira mailbox is significantly easier to mount.


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