The Three Key Advantages of Residential Rear Access Mailboxes

January 3, 2012

AMCO Victorian Pedestal Locking MailboxEveryone appreciates conveniences that help us avoid hassles and save us time.  And when we can find a product that does this everyday (such as the garage door opener or microwave), it makes the purchasing decision a snap.

But sometimes, we can go for years without realizing that there’s a quicker, less difficult and more convenient way to do one of our daily chores.  Consider the rear retrieval mailbox. Residential Rear Access Mailboxes have been around for decades but few homeowners have ever considered how such a feature – that is the ability to retrieve their mail from the opposite end in which it is delivered – would significantly improve their daily life.

Rear access mailboxes are available for residential Post Mount Mailboxes (also called curbside mailboxes), pedestal mailboxes, and Wall Mount Mailboxes.  So, regardless of location, one should strongly consider the three key conveniences of the rear access mailbox:

First, rear access mailboxes significantly improve the safety of the homeowner in retrieving their mail.  Regardless of whether one’s postal carrier delivers the mail via a vehicle or on foot, rear access mailboxes significantly eliminate many safety concerns.

Second, the rear access feature on Residential Mailboxes often provides the homeowner with the wonderful convenience of protection from the elements. By utilizing the rear access door, homeowners can often spend less time or even eliminate time retrieving their mail in poor weather conditions such as snow, rain, wind, and heat.  So, even though the mail carrier will deliver despite the elements, the homeowner doesn’t have to take the same risk in retrieving their mail.

Third, rear access residential mailboxes save steps.  One does not have to walk as far to retrieve their mail.

Consider how these three key conveniences impact the three primary types of rear access mailboxes:

Florence Letter Drop & Collection BoxFor post mount mailboxes (such as the Mail Safe Locking Rear Access Mailboxes, Geneva Locking Post Mount Mailboxes, or DaVinci Rear Access Mailboxes), the rear access feature allows the homeowner to avoid standing in a busy street to collect their mail.  Not only is avoiding a busy street much safer, it allows the homeowner to avoid standing in the gutter or stomping through a snowdrift to retrieve their mail.  And accessing the rear side of the residential mailbox simply takes less steps than walking to the front side of your mailbox.

The pedestal mounted mailboxes (such as the Colonial Pedestal Rear Access Mailboxes, the Victorian Pedestal Rear Access Mailboxes, or the Ecco 8 Victorian Tower Rear Access Mailboxes) keep the homeowner from standing on a busy sidewalk or path.  And by avoiding the public one not only improves their physical safety, they also avoid un-shoveled or unkempt paths and take fewer steps to retrieve the mail from their mailbox.

For those that utilize wall mounted rear access mailboxes (such as the Dune-U Locking Wall Mount Rear Access Mailboxes or the Stucco-U Locking Wall Mount Rear Access Mailboxes), these residential mailboxes allow the homeowner to simply stay indoors and collect the mail from the inside of one’s home – through the wall.   By remaining indoors, not only is one’s safety enhanced but also one does not even have to change out of their pajamas to retrieve their mail.

Finally, for those that mount their mailbox on a security or decorative fence, the Bobi Classic Wall Mount Rear Access Mailboxes allow one to stay inside the fence and collect the mail from the mailbox’s rear access door.  This mounting function combined with the rear access feature allows the homeowner to avoid walking outside their gate and provides significant improvement in safety over front-access-only residential mailboxes.  Additionally, the distance to retrieving one’s mail is improved.

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