Upgrade to A Luxury Home Mailbox – 4 Stunning Designs

February 2, 2015

An upgrade to luxury mailboxes can provide one of the highest “cost to benefit” payoffs for today’s refined homeowners.


Because in an economy that strives to pinch every penny, many homes are built with residential post mailboxes that are a sheer afterthought to the home design process.

Often the post mount mailboxes erected by a cost conscious contractor are simple black smudges just stuck on a post for the utilitarian purpose of receiving one’s mail. For residents looking to move beyond “contractor grade” mailboxes, luxury home mailboxes provide instant gratification.

In this article, we will preview four of the most stunning luxury residential mailboxes available in the marketplace today including:

  1. Vega luxury mailboxes
  2. Special Lite Boulevard mailboxes
  3. Streetscape Westchester mailboxes
  4. Waterglass Studios luxury mailboxes

European Home Vega Wall Mount MailboxModern Vega Mailbox

First in the line-up of the best luxury mailboxes on the market is the sleek, stainless steel, modern Vega mailbox by European Home.

Designed in Belgium, this luxury residential mailbox and post is constructed of thick marine grade stainless steel and finished in brushed satin.

The north to south curved mailbox front is only interrupted in its singular sweep by a one and a quarter inch horizontal slot, designed to receive one’s mail.

For homeowners seeking top-of-the-line materials and the finest in European craftsmanship, these large-capacity Vega post mount mailboxes are quintessential examples of modern luxury home mailboxes.

Special Lite Boulevard Mailbox

For more traditionally minded luxury mailbox seekers, The MailboxWork’s Special Lite Boulevard luxury mailbox with Fresno Post is definitely the “new black.”

Crafted with solid cast aluminum, these estate-sized post mount mailboxes not only provide twenty percent more mail capacity than the standard home mailbox, but their sculpted base posts also exude a distinctive “always been there” appearance.

While often ordered in the black finish, these beautiful luxury residential mailboxes are also available in thirteen other finishes, all of which have been curated to complement fine home design and finishes.

Streetscape Westchester Post Mount MailboxStreetscape Westchester Mailbox

Another transitional style in the line-up of luxury mailboxes is the beautiful Streetscape Westchester mailbox with craftsman post.

Starting with top quality heavy gauge solid brass sheeting and bar stock, these American-made luxury mailboxes are completely hand-cut and expertly welded.

Each luxury Streetscape Westchester mailbox is hand-finished, which means every mailbox is unique even when new; the finishes vary from degrees of red and brown, with even pinks and yellows possible in the patina. As these luxury mailboxes age the natural brass palate of colors become more uniform.

The mailbox post is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum and cast aluminum components that are seam-welded and finished in exterior manila tan enamel.

Waterglass Studios Luxury Mailbox

For those seeking the ever-appealing Frank Lloyd Wright mailbox style, The MailboxWork’s Waterglass Studios luxury copper mailboxes are an excellent choice.

Whether your home is newly built or an architectural treasure from yesteryear, the artisan process utilized to create these luxury Waterglass Studios mailboxes from high quality copper materials results in a mailbox that looks as if it has always belonged with your home and it’s landscaping.

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