Four Tips to Help You Choose From Among the Vast Array of Curbside Mailboxes

October 15, 2012

Gaines Keystone Eagle MailboxMore rural and suburban homeowners gather their mail from Decorative Curbside Mailboxes than from any other residential mailbox type.  And when it comes to choices of style, features and finish, curbside mailboxes offer the broadest scope for those seeking a new, unique Residential Mailbox. And sometimes the vast array of curbside post mount mailboxes available presents purchasing challenges for even the most savvy of mailbox shoppers.

In this article, we’ll provide four tips to assist homeowners in purchasing a perfect decorative curbside mailbox among the hundreds of modern and contemporary post mount mailboxes for sale.

The four buying tips to consider when looking at curbside mailboxes include:

  1. Mailbox Size
  2. Locking or Non-locking
  3. Mailbox Style (including color and finish)
  4. Budget

Standard Vs Large Curbside Mailboxes

The first buying tip to assist a homeowner in purchasing the perfect mailbox among all the curbside mailboxes available is to determine the appropriate mailbox size that is required. This is simple enough since one can purchase either a standard size post mount mailbox or a large curbside mailbox.  Homeowners who run home-based businesses or often receive packages or do not check their mail daily should consider purchasing a large curbside mailbox. Those who check their mail delivery daily or rarely receive packages would be fine with the regular-sized decorative curbside mailboxes.

Whitehall Post Mount MailboxNon-Locking or Locking Curbside Mailboxes

The second buying tip is to determine whether one prefers locking curbside mailboxes or non-locking curbside mailboxes. In today’s struggling economy, many homeowners are specifying locking curbside mailboxes as a non-negotiable in their mailbox purchase. Why? Mail theft and identity theft have risen sharply over the past few years and the cost of a contemporary locking mailbox is insignificant compared to the hassle and costs that can occur when a person’s mail and/or identity is stolen from one’s mailbox.

Curbside Mailbox Style, Color and Finish

The third buying tip is to consider the architectural style, colors, and finishes of one’s home and choose your post mount mailbox accordingly. Curbside mailboxes are often the first impression a guest has of one’s home and the style, finish, and color of a new curbside mailbox should complement the style, finish, and color of one’s home. Many homeowners find it very helpful to take a few digital photos of the exterior of their home and to look at those photos, noting the style and features of their residence while shopping for a curbside mailbox to complement.

Economy, Mid-Range & High End Curbside Mailboxes

The fourth and final buying tip to help homeowners sort through the vast array of curbside mailboxes in search of the perfect match for their home is to consider their budget in light of how long they believe they will remain in their home. Curbside mailboxes are available in:

  • Economy Mailbox Styles
  • Mid-Range Mailbox Styles
  • And High-End Luxury Mailbox Styles

Sometimes an economically priced curbside mailbox is the perfect fit. Other times, a homeowner is getting the home ready to sell and wants to make a strong impression at the curb by purchasing a complementary luxury curbside mailbox that will set the tone (and price) of the home. Still, there are times when a homeowner will calculate the cost of curbside mailboxes based on the estimated years remaining at that particular address. High-end luxury curbside mailboxes that exceed a thousand dollars are very affordable when the homeowner considers that investment over a five to ten year period of expected residence at the home.


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