Residential Post Mounted Curbside Mailboxes: New Trends in 2012

July 9, 2012

Residential curbside mailboxes, also called Post Mount Mailboxes, are among the most common Residential Mailboxes on the market. Homeowners wishing to distinguish their property from looking like every other home in the neighborhood should begin their shopping by looking first at the three emerging trends among curbside mailboxes:

  1. Deliberately Oxidized Curbside Mailboxes (New but made to look old)
  2. Modern Stainless Steel Curbside Mailboxes
  3. Large Curbside Mailboxes (with hopper doors)

Waterglass Studio's Vertical Wall Mount MailboxTrend #1 – Oxidized Curbside Mailboxes

The first of these emerging trends among unique curbside mailboxes are the new made old, naturally and deliberately oxidized curbside mailboxes. By hand burnishing fine materials such as copper, one can avoid the eyesore of brand new curbside mailboxes outside an elegant, established home. By custom burnishing and hence, oxidizing the curbside mailboxes, one can make the new look old in such a way as the curbside mailbox appears to have always been a part of the homeowner’s property.

A fine example of this oxidized look can be found in The MailboxWork’s Waterglass Studios Handmade Copper Mailboxes with Cedar Posts. These decorative curbside mailboxes have a Frank Lloyd Wright look about them and are constructed with quality materials and craftsmanship. Additionally, to ensure the entire feel of the curbside mailbox and to resist pests from attacking the mailbox posts, these copper mailboxes are available with a hand-finished cedar post constructed of 3.5″ by 3.5″ smooth sawn red cedar.

Trend #2 – Modern Stainless Steel Curbside Mailboxes

On the other side of the first trend’s pendulum is the move towards contemporary stainless steel curbside mailboxes. While stainless steel inside one’s home has been a decade-long trend now, the move towards stainless steel is now emerging on the outside of one’s home as well. Modern stainless steel curbside mailboxes are made to be noticed. And since one’s mailbox is often the first impression a guest has of the home, the trend towards stainless steel mailboxes is an effort to put an exclamation mark on that first impression.

The MailboxWork’s carries the largest inventory of modern stainless steel curbside mailboxes spanning a wide variety of styles and price points. For example, the Fuoriserie Ecco 3 Curbside Mailboxes are a stunning, yet inexpensive, stainless steel version of a regular-looking rural curbside mailbox. While the Belgium-designed Capella Curbside Mailbox with Post, designed with flowing sheets of thick marine grade stainless steel look nothing like a standard roadside mailbox.

Architectural Mailboxes Oasis Standard PostTrend #3 – Large Curbside Mailboxes with Hopper Doors

The third trend in residential curbside mailboxes is a highly functional response to the rising increase in home-based businesses; large curbside mailboxes with hopper doors that accept parcel packages. With the increase of businesses functioning out of homes and the desire to reduce mail and package theft, many homeowners are moving towards secure large curbside mailboxes that protect their incoming packages.

Architectural Mailboxes Large Oasis Locking Mailboxes are an excellent example of these trending curbside mailboxes. Available in a medium size as well, these secure locking curbside mailboxes are constructed of thick steel and powder coated to add durability. The large hopper door as well as the mail and package retrieval or access door is sealed with rubber to prevent the elements from entering the package and mail storage bin inside. The accompanying curbside mailbox post is designed to bolt to existing concrete and mounting applications are available for multi-tenant applications for two, three or four curbside mailboxes.

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