The Iconic & Classic Residential Bobi Mailboxes Celebrate 20 Years

June 20, 2011

Bobi Classic Front Wall Mount MailboxThe unique shaped Bobi Mailboxes were invented in 1991 by two siblings in the Nordic west coast city of Vaasa, the sunniest city in Finland.  Over the past twenty years, Bobi mailboxes have become the most prominent Residential Mailboxes in Finland and have recently been approved by the United States Postal Service for use in the United States.

Drawing on design expertise formed in the salty-sea maritime conditions of this coastal Nordic community, the “Bobi brothers” specifically created the Bobi mailboxes to combat corrosion.  And with their unique design, reminiscent of those blue curbside mailboxes used by the USPS to drop off mail, these high security mailboxes utilize a special galvanized coated steel material that draws the eye.  The steel is 1 millimeter thick with double layers at the corners that offer extra strength against mail theft.

The incoming mail delivery slot on the Bobi mailbox accepts large envelopes and magazines without having to bend or fold the mail.  A keyed cylinder in the access door prevents mail theft while keeping mail safe from the elements as well.  The large capacity of the Bobi mailbox allows it to hold a week’s mail – perfect for times when one is away on vacation or out-of-town.

The Bobi secure mailboxes are available in four wall mount mailbox configurations and four post mount mailbox choices that offer residential mailbox purchasers two size options (classic and large) and two mail access gathering options (front or back).

The Bobi Classic Front Access wall mount mailbox is available in five colors: black, white, red, grey with stainless steel, and stainless steel).  The rear access wall mount Bobi Classic mailbox is the perfect choice for homeowners who wish to mount their residential mailbox in a fence.  The secure rear access door allows the homeowner to retrieve their mail without leaving the security of the fenced yard.

The Bobi Classic Post Mount Mailbox with Bobi Round Mailbox Post makes an instant impact on curb appeal.  The curved posts that completely mirror the curve of the iconic Bobi top provide a secure and unique mount.

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