The Varied Options of Architectural Mailboxes

January 27, 2014

Architectural Mailboxes Coronado Deluxe PostDefined by high quality standards and elegant design, The MailboxWork’s Architectural residential mailboxes provide homeowners with plenty of options that securely hold several days of mail including residential:

  • Wall Mount Mailboxes
  • Drop Boxes
  • Post Mount Mailboxes
  • Specialty Mailboxes

Architectural Wall Mount Mailbox

Architectural mailboxes offer two primary shapes of residential wall mount mailboxes:

  1. A vertically oriented rectangle with crisp angles
  2. And a horizontally oriented rectangle with a gentle sloping roof

Both shapes of Architectural mailboxes wall mount are available in three finishes each.

Vertical Wall Mount Mailbox – The vertically oriented Architectural mailboxes are offered in the Metropolis, Laguna, and Soho styles.  The Laguna and Soho mailbox styles are manufactured with galvanized steel and the eye-catching Metropolis mailbox is finished with stainless steel.

Horizontal Wall Mount Mailbox – The horizontally oriented Architectural mailboxes all utilize the gently sloping roof and yet are distinguished in style through hand-polished finishes and attractive embossing on the front of the wall mount mailboxes.  A wide array of mailbox finishes are also available including antique brass, brass, antique copper, satin nickel, white, black, and pearl gray.

Architectural Drop Box

Architectural mailboxes Oasis drop box is a commercial locking drop box mailbox for large amounts of secure mail delivery, which is available in both medium and large sizes. This clever locking mailbox with hopper door works nicely for both commercial and residential mail delivery needs. The Architectural mailboxes Oasis drop box line can be easily setup for multi-mount installation utilizing a single post and up to four Oasis drop boxes per post.

Architectural Mailboxes Post Mount

Architectural mailboxes line of post mount mailboxes includes two high-end distinctive options in the classic rounded roof style most often expected of post mount mailboxes:

  1. Architectural Bellevue Mailbox
  2. Architectural Coronado Mailbox

Bellevue Post Mount Mailbox – This Architectural mailbox style features painted accents in a variety of colors and is available with or without post.

Coronado Post Mount Mailbox – The Coronado mailbox (with or without deluxe post) adds stunning accents in a variety of finishes for the mailbox flags, door pulls and mailbox door frames. The Coronado mailbox also includes heavier gauge materials in its construction and is available in both single mount and multi-mount residential mailbox options.

Architectural Specialty Mailboxes

The Architectural Geneva mailbox is another post mount mailbox option with a nouveau Baroque look. The Geneva’s style mimics the gently sloping roof featured in Architectural mailboxes wall mount line and is the one Architectural post mount mailbox that is only available with the post (although there are three options – round, square and round with decorative cover). The Geneva mailbox also is the only choice in residential Architectural mailboxes that features both front and rear mail access doors—an exclusive feature that allows its users to avoid setting foot in the street to retrieve their mail.

As a compliment to their residential mailbox offerings, The MailboxWork’s Architectural mailbox products include a line of sans serif style mailbox house numbers in four attractive finishes.

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