Looking to Find the Perfect Provincial Mailbox To Complement your French Provincial Style Home?

March 29, 2011

AMCO Provincial Wall Mount MailboxIf you enjoy the idea of reading a Victor Hugo novel while sipping from a gold-rimmed flute of French Champagne in front of the roaring hearth at the New York Plaza Hotel (or perhaps just watching a Phantom of the Opera DVD in your Tony Soprano style McMansion), then French Provincial is definitely your style.

Brought to life by the imposing countryside manor homes of 16th century France, “French Provincial” design is characterized by four primary architectural aspects:

  1. Balanced And Symmetrical Proportions
  2. Steep Slate Rooflines
  3. Tall Arched-Top Windows
  4. And Patina Copper Trim

When searching for provincial mailboxes as the perfect complement to your French Provincial residence, be sure to take these four factors into consideration:

First, ensure the provincial residential mailbox is in scale with your home.

Most French Provincial homes are built on a grand scale.  As you shop residential mailboxes – whether wall-mounted mailboxes, pedestal mailboxes, or curbside mailboxes – be sure that the size of the mailbox (which is often the first home feature a guest encounters) does not get minimalized because of the size of your home.

Second, widen your style palette to include complimentary architectural residential mailbox styles.

While it is tempting to just choose a French country design for a French Provincial home such as the country style Provincial mailbox (like the AMCO wall-mounted mailbox) consider taking a less literal approach to your selection of a residential mailbox. (Note: The AMCO wall mounted Provincial style mailbox is a great choice for smaller homes needing a wall-mounted mailbox).

But consider widening your style search.  For example, consider an English Estate style such as the Whitehall Ultimate, Post mount Residential Mailbox or a Stucco Column with Manchester Mailbox if you are placing the mailbox at the curb. Or consider Special Lite’s Floral Mailbox with the Bradford Post.

If you are shopping for wall mount residential mailboxes, consider the gorgeous Embossed Peninsula wall mounted mailbox, as its gentle arched top may be a perfect match to your window-top arches. Or for budget-minded purchases, consider the Hummingbird Design wall-mounted mailbox – the quality is excellent and the price point is superb.

Along with English Estate styles you can also complement French Provincial style homes with American farmhouse styles such as the Coronado Mailboxes or the Westchester mailboxes with Capistrano Mailbox Post.

Third, consider copper provincial mailboxes.

Consider adding copper features or selecting a copper adorned residential mailbox to complement the copper trimming that is so common to French Provincial homes.  Consider the unique Weaver Copper Designs post-mounted mailboxes that are one-of-a-kind or the Hentzi Copper Designs post-mounted residential mailboxes that are works of art.  For a more oxidized look, try the elegant Waterglass Studios Handmade Post Mount Mailbox.

Fourth, steer clear of contemporary residential mailboxes.

Stainless steel mailboxes or minimalistic designs on your mailbox are a faux pas for French Provincial homes.  Minimalistic and sleek designs will look quite out of place in a style that reminds most people of a grand 16-17th century estate.  So avoid the hauteur of the glossy city slickers and look for either intricate flourishes and/or symmetrical mailbox designs.

Your French Provincial home deserves a great provincial mailbox.  Take the time to review these four factors as you make your selection and gain the peace of mind of knowing your mailbox will make a great first impression on everyone who encounters your home.

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