Increasing Property Management Profits with 4C Mailboxes

September 18, 2012

Florence 4C MailboxesWhy are 4C Mailboxes the first choice of savvy developers and property managers?

Perhaps 4C mailboxes are a favorite of developers because their lifetime cost lowers the total cost of assets and hence, increases the potential return.

And 4C mailboxes are the first choice among savvy property managers because they are simple to manage and easy to maintain. Thus, 4C mailboxes for property managers mean increased efficiency, increased security, and lower costs of managing all of which lead to higher annual profits.

Mounting Options for 4C Mailboxes

UPDATE: 4C Pedestal Mailboxes have been discontinued as of November 30, 2020. The USPS Cluster Box Unit (CBU) Mailbox is now the standard for all multi-family mail delivery.

4C mailboxes are a requirement of the US Postal Service (USPS) for all new construction and major renovations and can be:

  • Recessed Into a Wall
  • Surface Mounted
  • Or Installed In a Vario Depot Mail Stand

4C Mailbox Security Features

The 4c mailboxes, renowned for durability, are constructed of thick aluminum and 300 series stainless steel.

Because each 4C mailbox tenant door is identified by a numeral that is affixed to a placard or engraved on the tenant mailbox door, property managers do not even have to leave the office to assign a new tenant mailbox.  And security-conscious tenants appreciate the fact that their mailbox identification number does not coordinate with their apartment or tenant door number.

4C Mailbox Parcel Lockers, Mail Slots & Keys

Tenants appreciate that 4C mailboxes also include parcel lockers that allow their postal carrier to deliver packages to their address that do not fit inside their tenant mailbox. Property managers are even more pleased by the parcel lockers because the postal carrier does not have to resort to leaving tenant packages in the property manager’s office.

Property managers also appreciate that outgoing mail is not left in their offices but rather placed in the 4C mailboxes outgoing mail slot.

Keen property managers also grow to appreciate that each tenant mailbox comes with three keys:

  • Two mailbox keys that are usually provided to the tenant
  • Plus one mailbox key that remains with the property manager so that a lost key doesn’t mean a locksmith having to visit the property but rather a simple key making instead

Versatile 4C Mailbox Placement & Grouping

Many developers also carefully consider the placement and grouping of the versatile 4C mailbox suites. Some developers believe tenants appreciate the convenience factor of their mailbox being in line with the path from their vehicle to their doorstep. For these developers, decentralizing the 4C mailboxes is the key to creating this convenience factor for their tenants.

Other developers hold the opinion that decentralization of 4C mailboxes reduces the chance that tenants will meet up and interact at the mailbox. These developers purposely arrange 4C mailboxes for centralized mail delivery so that their very location creates community and friendships among their tenants, which in turn, increases tenant retention rates.

Regardless of location, developers and property managers appreciate that 4C mailboxes are now available in many color options beyond the typical sandstone and postal grey choices seen in many older buildings. The color choices available for 4C mailboxes mean that an interior decorator is freed from having to “treat” or work around the standard 4c mailboxes colors of sandstone or postal grey but rather can utilize versatile 4C mailbox suites as a decorative element.


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