The Proliferation of Cell Phone Storage Lockers

February 26, 2013

Florence Cell Phone Mini Storage LockersCell phone storage lockers are solving a growing new problem in our ultra-modern world. What is that problem?

As the proliferation of feature-rich smartphones becomes the norm across the country, many government agencies, courthouses, hospitals, and security and privacy conscious organizations recognize the need to install Cell Phone Storage Lockers since they are banning the use of smartphones within their facilities.

When smartphone-laden patrons visit an organization that bans cell phones, but don’t have cell phone storage lockers installed, understandably, the patrons have a barrage of questions for these organizations; questions concerning what to do with their cell phones since they cannot enter the cell phone banned facilities with phones in their possession.

At the federal courthouse in Fort Wayne, Indiana, those entering the courthouse have been known to stash their phones among the flowerbeds and bushes outside the courthouse, as a return to their offices or vehicles would result in being late for their court appointment.

Entrepreneurial-minded citizens even tried to launch a valet-service so that patrons could park their phones with a minder for a fee, while they visited the courtroom.

Cell Phones & Privacy Issues

The problem of banned cell phones is expanding in cities like Fort Wayne, as government officials and organizations (such as local YMCA’s and gyms with locker rooms) are justifiably concerned about privacy issues resulting from the improper use of the cell phone cameras. Hence, the growing need for cell phone storage lockers has significantly expanded.

Cell Phones Storage Lockers Configuration

Cell phone storage lockers are available in:

  • Small size locking units (4” wide by 5” high and either 4” deep or 7 ½’ deep)
  • Larger sized locking units that expand the width from 4” to 8”

The Small Cell Phone Storage Lockers with A Doors are available with as few as six lockers or as many as sixty lockers in a wide variety of configurations and sizes.

The Large Cell Phone Storage Lockers with C Doors are available with three lockers that have up to thirty lockers per unit in various configurations and sizes.

Regardless of size, the cell phone storage lockers can be either:

  • Surface mounted
  • Or recessed into a wall

Each cell phone storage locker unit is constructed of strong, heavy gauge anodized aluminum and each locker comes standard with a key lock, but can be easily modified and ordered with:

  • User-defined combination locks
  • Or hasps for user-provided padlocks

All cell phone storage lockers are also available as either:

  • Front-loading storage units
  • Or rear loading storage units

This allows the facility owner or operator to have access to and/or check all individual units at once.

Front loading cell phone storage lockers have this master accessed securely by a master door and lock.

Rear loading cell phone storage lockers come standard with an open back so that the units can be loaded easily from a secured area on the backside of the cell phone storage lockers. Of course, rear loading cell phone storage lockers can also be ordered with a lift off rear cover or hinged rear cover.


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