Investing in Secure Mailboxes: Beyond the Price Tag

December 13, 2011

Florence 1600 Private Horizontal MailboxesEntrepreneurs and executives often spend countless hours and thousands of dollars to secure the key areas of their business.  Research and development departments feature iris scan entry points, firewalls are installed to protect against computer hackers, and non-compete contracts ensure employee faithfulness.  But often, one of the most vulnerable areas for corporate espionage, mail theft or simple snooping is a company’s mail distribution center, aka staff mailboxes.

UPDATE: 4C Pedestal Mailboxes have been discontinued as of November 30, 2020. The USPS Cluster Box Unit (CBU) Mailbox is now the standard for all multi-family mail delivery.

Company mail distribution centers are often nothing more than simple open slots where a secretary or assistant divvies out the day’s incoming mail, company memorandums and even payroll checks to the appropriate executive or employee staff mailbox.   Because of the open design of these unprotected mail distribution centers, an employee can inadvertently (or purposely) look at another employee’s mail and either walk away with it or simply steal it.  It’s a temptation that is certain to create problems within the organization when payroll checks or sensitive mail are left in the open staff mailbox.

This type of “open” mail distribution system creates an ongoing temptation.  It provides a wide open opportunity for an employee to “accidentally” open another employee’s mail (or even their paycheck).  Often such open staff mailbox distribution systems remain open for years because of simple naiveté: intended recipients may not ever become aware their mail has been previewed or stolen.

As businesses increase security, one of the first outlays ought to be in this crucial area: private distribution mailboxes, secure office solutions for employee mailboxes.  These locking mailboxes, crafted from heavy gauge, high quality aluminum, come in a wide variety of sizes and can be customized to get the right balance of employee mailboxes, parcel lockers, and outgoing mail compartments.  For a one-time investment of less than $20 a mailbox, businesses can ensure each employee has secure access to their mail (and only their mail).

While each employee must utilize a custom key to open their employee mailbox, private distribution mailboxes do not slow down the daily mail distribution process since the entire unit can either be accessed from the rear (rear loading private distribution mailboxes) or from the front (front loading private distribution mailboxes).  The mail distribution employee simply utilizes a master lock key that opens the entire front or rear panel of the secure employee mailbox system so that mail distribution is quick and easy.

The locking employee mailboxes come with either plastic number slots for easy mailbox identification or free engraved door identification numbers.  For a more elegant look, the engraved numbers may even be black filled.  Other options include engraved window tabs or slots in the staff mailbox doors.  Either combination locks or keyed locks may be selected. Private distribution employee mailboxes come in eleven attractive colors:  an anodized aluminum or one of ten powder coat color selections to match any office décor.

Private distribution employee mailboxes also work well for distribution of mail and other items for churches, universities, government buildings, military facilities and colleges.  Many organizations find that the use of resettable combination locks provide the security they need without the inconvenience of keyed locks.

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