Matching Mailbox and Post Combo Offers Distinct Advantages

April 27, 2015

Janzer Mailbox With Post And CuffA post mount mailbox is available by itself or as a mailbox and post combo, and can be purchased through national retailers such as The MailboxWorks.

For most curbside mailbox applications, buying a post mount mailbox with post is often a far better decision than trying to put a new curbside mailbox upon an old existing post.

In this article, we will discuss why most educated homeowners select mailbox with post sets.

Your Mailbox Post

First, a careful inspection of your actual mailbox post that is currently holding your old mailbox might reveal it isn’t just the mailbox that needs replacing.

Most post mount mailboxes are mounted upon wooden posts, which over time may have been subject to things like pests (that eat away at the wood material), landscaper damage (such as weed eater whippings), exposure to long periods of sunlight (which can cause cracking and peeling), and possible post tilt (due to errant snow plow drivers or some other vehicle collision).

Plus, even when the post appears to be in great shape, when the old mailbox is removed there can be significant dry rot underneath the mailbox, which can make mounting a new mailbox near impossible.

Therefore it makes most sense to replace the old mailbox post as well, since it is beyond its useful period, and install a brand new curbside mailbox and post combo.

Matching Mailbox and Post

Because of the technological and design advances available to today’s mailbox designers, when creating a new post mount mailbox with post, the designers will spend significant time ensuring that the color, finish, mailbox design, and materials used in the mailbox post will also match the aesthetics of the curbside mailbox placed upon it.

In addition, this one detail can make a world of difference in the final appearance of the post mount mailbox with post, as the new mailbox and post combo is far more appealing than placing a new mailbox on an old post.

Custom Mailbox Design Features

Finally, selecting a matching mailbox post allows the homeowner to choose several design features that are only available when purchasing the post with the mailbox. These design features depend on whether the mailbox:

  • Is mounted on top of the post or supported by a cantilevered arm
  • Includes a finial on top of the post or a decorate post cuff where the post meets the ground (to disguise any unsightly concrete)

Hanging plant fixtures can also be selected for some post mount mailbox with post combos.

Finally, when you buy mailbox with post sets, you can also adjust the location of your mailbox to any convenient place approved by your local postmaster.

For some homeowners who have been inconvenienced for decades due to a poorly located post mount mailbox, this one advantage can make all the difference in the world.


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