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June 16, 2015

Golf Bag Novelty MailboxOne of the best ways to find that perfect Father’s Day gift is to consider one of the many unique novelty mailboxes at The MailboxWorks.

Most sons and daughters realize that the perfect Father’s Day gift has to be a rare combination of uniqueness, need, and price.  After all, one can only buy so many socks, and ties before their dad’s feigned delight is discovered.

But when one’s dad or grand-dad receives a gift that is both unexpected and fills a need, the knowing smile upon their faces is a well-deserved reward for father’s day shopping gone well.

Novelty mailboxes provide an extraordinary way to fulfill the need for a new mailbox with the design uniqueness that matches the hobbies and personality of one’s father.

As Father’s Day (or a birthday) approaches for the dad or granddad you wish to honor in your life, consider giving one of these four unique and affordable novelty mailboxes:

  1. Golf Mailboxes
  2. John Deere Mailboxes
  3. Dog Mailboxes
  4. Bird Mailboxes

Golf Novelty Mailboxes

For the father who loves golf, try golf-themed novelty mailboxes that herald and display their love of the game.  The MailboxWorks carries golf ball mailboxes for less than a hundred dollars that ship free in one day. Or you can consider golf bag mailboxes that are also available with free shipping for less than a hundred dollars.  For a more upscale gift, The MailboxWorks offers golf cart mailboxes too.

John Deere Novelty Mailboxes

For the dad who grew up on a farm or perhaps is farming still today, consider the uber-unique novelty mailbox gift of John Deere mailboxes. Surprising to most shoppers, John Deere mailboxes are available in four different styles:

  1. Classic John Deere green with John Deere logo
  2. “Nothing Runs Like a Deere” mailbox, also in the classic John Deere green
  3. Classic John Deere green post mount mailbox with a John Deere tractor mailbox topper
  4. John Deere post mount mailbox in green with a John Deere track-style tractor mailbox topper

All John Deere mailboxes are reasonably priced under $129 and ship free in one to two days.  For farmers or farm lovers who are not John Deere fans, there’s a fifth novelty tractor mailbox designed in the shape of a farming tractor that is also less than a hundred dollars and ships free in one day.

Dog Novelty Mailboxes

For fathers and grandfathers who love dogs, The MailboxWorks offers seven distinctive and unique canine novelty mailboxes featuring man’s best friend. For immediate free shipping of dog-shaped mailboxes under $100, consider The MailboxWork’s Black Lab mailboxes, Dalmatian mailboxes, or Hound Dog mailboxes. For more intricately designed dog mailboxes at a slightly higher investment, consider The MailboxWork’s Dog House mailboxes that feature both the dog and doghouse in a mailbox style.

Bird Novelty Mailboxes

And for dads and grand-dads that enjoy birds or bird watching (or even hunting birds), The MailboxWork’s carries more than a dozen different bird novelty mailboxes featuring species of birds. Geese mailboxes, duck mailboxes, swan mailboxes, pelican mailboxes, rooster mailboxes, parrot mailboxes, mallard duck mailboxes, hummingbird mailboxes, flamingo mailboxes, and toucan mailboxes all make great gift ideas. As with many of our other novelty mailbox options, bird novelty mailboxes can also be purchased for less than a hundred dollars and shipped free in one day or less.

Check out our Unique Mailboxes here for more gifting ideas!

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