5 Advantages of Multi-Unit Residential Mailboxes

January 13, 2014

Whitehall Mailboxes Quad Post

While many developers and property managers see post mount multi-unit mailboxes as solely a convenience for the postal carriers, those that actually purchase multi-unit residential mailboxes are discovering five hidden advantages to installing them:

  1. Save on material and labor costs
  2. Improve neighbor interaction
  3. Improve mail delivery
  4. Decrease road hazards
  5. Promote a uniform neighborhood design

Less Material & Labor Costs

First, multi-unit mailboxes allow the developer or property manager to enjoy significant savings on material and labor costs during the installation phase because modern multi-unit mailboxes, by design, simply require but one or two posts for up to four residential mailboxes per site.

For example, in a large addition of 240 homes, a property manager or developer would need to auger 240 holes, then fill them with concrete to set the posts to mount the mailboxes individually.  If multi-unit mailboxes are utilized, then one mailbox post can hold up to four mailboxes, which would require only 60 holes and posts for the development. Thanks to the use of multi-mount mailboxes the result is 75% less in labor installation and materials costs for the same number of mailboxes.

Promote Neighborhood Interaction

Second, multi-unit mailboxes increase homeowner satisfaction by promoting interaction between neighbors utilizing the same set of curbside multi-unit mailboxes.  As homeowners serendipitously meet up at their multi-unit mailboxes, a stronger sense of community is built as names are exchanged and short conversations begin to provide the foundational building blocks for even stronger community connections.

Improved Delivery Times

Third, when property managers and developers install multi-unit mailboxes they not only help lower carbon emissions due to less stops required by the mail carrier, they also propel an instant increase in mail delivery expedience ensuring that the community residents they serve receive their mail earlier than if the carrier had to make deliveries to single-unit mailboxes.

Less Road Hazards

Fourth, because up to 75% less mailbox posts are necessary for the installation of multi-unit mailboxes, there are 75% less near-road hazards that might be struck or damaged during inclement weather. This advantage translates into significantly less repairs and less maintenance costs for the residents and for multi-unit mailboxes.

Uniform Neighborhood Design

Finally, multi-unit mailboxes provide an esthetically pleasing standardized design for neighborhoods. Instead of allowing homeowners to simply mount any type of mailbox for their home that would create significant swings in quality from home to home, multi-unit mailboxes provide a uniformed and distinguished design statement that lifts the overall perceived value of the entire subdivision. Multi-unit locking mailboxes are another option for neighborhoods that wish to have a more secure mail delivery option.

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