Save Huge Installation Costs and Increase Neighborhood Cohesiveness with Multi Mount Mailboxes

June 6, 2011

Gaines Signature Keystone Mailbox Pentad PostHomeowner’s Associations and suburban developers looking to increase residential home values and neighborhood connectedness while saving labor and material costs in installation of residential mailboxes should strongly consider multi mount post mounted mailboxes.

Multi mount mailboxes offer the homeowner’s association or developer the ability to gang or place up to five residential mailboxes on a single mailbox post.  Thus, the installation savings can be up to 80% cheaper than purchasing individual posts for each mailbox.  Digging one hole, using one bag of cement, and placing one post for five Residential Mailboxes is not only cheaper but also significantly quicker to install.

And the savings translates to increased community connectedness once the residents begin meeting each other at their mailbox.  Instead of each homeowner going to their own property’s mailbox, up to five homeowner’s will access their mail delivery at the same “watering hole” which facilitates better community among neighbors and a safer neighborhood.

The residential multi mount mailboxes are also preferred by the United States Postal Service and help the community receive their mail sooner in the day since the postal carrier makes significantly less stops along the mail route.   For multi mount mailboxes that also install the newspaper box beneath the mailbox, delivery savings and speed also translate to the newspaper carriers.

The MailboxWorks offers the greatest selection of Multi Mount Mailboxes offering a wide variety of different styles and configurations of the residential multi mount mailboxes so that particular architectural styles of the neighborhood can find the best match in the design of the multi mount mailbox selected.

The highly functional basic design of the Oasis multi mount mailboxes offer secure locking protection for homeowners in the most economical price range offered for multi mount mailboxes.   Oasis mailboxes are available in two large sizes and all are offered with a standard mailbox post that can be erected on a stand or ground mounted. A deluxe post is also available for some configurations.  Oasis multi mount mailboxes can be placed in configurations of two, three or four mailboxes per post.

Whitehall Mailboxes Quad PostThe Gaines Classic residential mailbox is offered in a double pedestal post so that two mailboxes may be mounted on one post.  Any option available in a single mailbox is also available on the double pedestal post which means neighborhoods that need to use some single mailbox units alongside additional dual mount mailboxes can ensure the uniformity of the mailboxes throughout the neighborhood.

The Keystone residential mailboxes are offered in a double pedestal post and can be ordered with locking mailboxes or non-locking mailboxes.  Any option that is available in a single mailbox is also available on the double deluxe mailbox post so that neighborhood consistency is maintained.

The Coronado mailbox is available in multi mount configurations of two, three or four mailboxes per post and can be configured with either a standard mount post or a deluxe mount post.  Configurations can be mixed and matched within the neighborhood so that some homes may be serviced by a four-ganged-unit while others have two mailboxes per post.

Whitehall residential mailboxes are available with multi mount mailboxes that span from two to four mailboxes per post depending on the configuration specified.  Decorative posts have both options to select a post cuff to provide a polished look to the base of the unit and options to select newspaper holders as well.

Gaines offers two styles of multi mount mailboxes:  the Gaines Decorative mailboxes and the Gaines Decorative Signature Series mailboxes. Both styles are offered in tri-mount, quad-mount and even pentad-mount options and all include two posts instead of a single post mount, which provides greater stability.  Both multi mount mailboxes by Gaines may be ordered in all single mount colors and accents, may include address plaque options, curved braces for both posts, and locking insert options.


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