Mail Boss Metro & Townhouse Wall Mount Mailboxes

August 15, 2016

The Mailbox Features You Want at the Price You Need

Mail Boss Townhouse Wall Mount MailboxFor budget-minded homeowners, two of the most affordable, feature-rich, residential mailboxes available today are the Metro and Townhouse Mail Boss security mailbox options – both are wall mount locking mailboxes.

The MailboxWorks is America’s leading residential mailbox retailer and according to their mailbox experts, “The Mail Boss Metro and Mail Boss Townhouse mailbox models provide homeowners with the features they want at the price they need,” which means you do not have to sacrifice features in lieu of lower prices.

These mailbox professionals add that, “The five key features these Mail Boss mailboxes offer are ones that every homeowner needs, even those who are looking to locate their mailbox in a neighborhood that’s a little rougher than most.”

These five key mailbox features include:

  1. High security mailbox locks
  2. Outgoing mail clip
  3. Large mail storage capacity
  4. Choice of 5 mailbox finishes
  5. Security and installation hardware included

High Security Mailbox Locks – Both the Mail Boss Metro mailbox and Mail Boss Townhouse wall mount mailbox come equipped with high security locking mechanisms.  The locking access door, secured by a commercial grade 12-disc wafer lock, is a major deterrent to mail and identity theft.

“An unsecured mailbox is not only an invitation to thieves looking for IRS refund checks or cash arriving in your mailbox, it’s an enticement to sophisticated criminals looking to steal your family’s identity. We highly recommend that homeowners purchase secure mailboxes with locking mechanisms such as the Mail Boss wall mount mailboxes,” note The MailboxWorks team of experts, adding, “In addition to the locking mechanisms, these two residential mailbox models also feature heavy gauge steel construction and an innovative anti-pry latch that further secures your mail from those who would seek to steal it.”

Mail Boss Metro Wall Mount MailboxOutgoing Mail Clip – The second feature that both the Mail Boss Metro and Mail Boss Townhouse wall mount mailboxes offer is an outgoing mail clip, something that is not always found on locking wall mount mailboxes. This outgoing mail clip is conveniently hidden behind the incoming mail door so that your outgoing mail does not become a lure or enticement to thieves.

Large Mail Storage Capacity – In addition to the excellent security features, both the Mail Boss Metro wall mount mailbox and the Mail Boss Townhouse wall mount mailbox offer a larger-than-most incoming mail slot, so that magazines and larger mail does not have to be folded, creased, or stuffed into the incoming mail slot.

By ensuring that your large incoming mail is not damaged because of your mailbox design, items like magazines will lie flat on your coffee table, and reading them will not mean uncurling their pages first. The large capacity incoming mail storage area also ensures that you have room for a few days of mail or for daily mail volume that is larger than most.

Your Choice of 5 Mailbox Finishes – A fourth feature that homeowners value in The MailboxWork’s Mail Boss line of wall mount mailboxes is the contemporary design and an attractive array of powder coat finishes from which to choose. In a world where many mailboxes simply come in standard black, Mail Boss mailboxes come in five fine finishes from which to choose: bronze, galaxy, granite, white, and, of course, standard black.

Mailbox Security and Installation Hardware Included – As many homeowners now perform their own mailbox installation, the ease of which a wall mount mailbox is installed is yet another key, and our fifth and final, consideration in the mailbox selection process. And both the Mail Boss Metro and Mail Boss Townhouse wall mount mailboxes have installation innovations that allow for quick and easy installation by homeowners with little or no experience with tools.

All security and mailbox installation hardware is included with every Mail Boss mailbox that is ordered from The MailboxWorks and these wall mount mailboxes come supplied with three keys so that residences where more than one person retrieves the mail can provide three private keys to those trusted individuals. As well, a red vandal-resistant mailbox signal flag and reflective mailbox house numbers are also included with each Mail Boss mailbox purchase from The MailboxWorks.

Visit The Mailboxworks website to see our complete line of Mail Boss Mailboxes. For more information or for assistance placing an order, please contact our residential mailbox experts toll free at 1-866-717-4943.

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