The Top Three Makers of Luxury Wall Mount Mailboxes

January 24, 2019 1:40 pm

While luxury wall mount mailboxes are most often associated with estate properties, lower price points for many of today’s high end mailboxes have helped make them more accessible to the average homeowner.

The MailboxWorks offers a wide selection of luxury residential mailboxes and in this article, we’ll take a look at the top three manufacturers for affordable luxury wall mount mailboxes including:

  1. America’s Finest Mailboxes
  2. HouseArt Mailboxes
  3. Waterglass Studios Mailboxes

America's Finest Large Wall Mount MailboxAmerica’s Finest Mailboxes

This excellent option among luxury wall mount mailboxes is described by their very name, “America’s Finest.” These are solid brass luxury wall mount mailboxes handcrafted by seasoned brass artisans and made with the utmost in quality and care.

America’s Finest luxury wall mount mailboxes feature a hand-applied patina finish that is a one-of-a-kind work of art. Choose from six different mailbox finishes including architectural bronze, new Verde, old brass, old penny, warm brass, and textured black.

Unlike a powder-coat finish mailbox that can chip or scratch, the patina brass mailbox will gradually darken over time to create a more natural, seasoned look.

This luxury mailbox also has many practical features such as a rubber bumper inside the mailbox lid to ensure a quiet close. You can also choose an America’s Finest luxury residential mailbox in one of three configurations:

  • Vertical Mailbox
  • Horizontal Mailbox
  • Or Large Rectangle Mailbox

All three orientations can be purchased as either a locking or non-locking wall mount mailbox. The large mailbox size can accommodate heavier mail deliveries and small packages.

A unique feature of America’s Finest mailboxes is the option to choose from a variety of beautiful scenic front panels and art glass backdrops that further enhance the originality of these fine home mailboxes.

Additionally, each art glass backdrop panel can be selected (at no additional cost) in one of five colors: blue, honey, champagne, wispy white, and gold iridescent. You can even add an LED lighting kit and magazine rack to bring even more uniqueness to these luxury mailboxes.

HouseArt Monet Wall Mount MailboxHouseArt Mailboxes & House Numbers

Along with unique house address numbers and doorbells, HouseArt offers the Monet wall mount mailbox, a luxury home mailbox designed by renowned artist Ginger Finley.

The HouseArt Monet mailbox is solidly crafted of hand cast aluminum and powder coated in your choice of nine different metallic color finishes. The Monet wall mount mailbox exudes a simple luxury with its very clean design motif and gently curved weatherproof access door, accented with a polished aluminum knob. The rubber pads on the inside of the mailbox door also help ensure the door will close quietly.

This luxury residential mailbox is available in dark bronze, satin black, Bougainvillea pink, Bonita blue, bright silver, Key Lime, Marshmallow White, Rust, and Miami Mango colors.

Waterglass Studios Mailboxes

Along with high end doorbells and door knockers, Waterglass Studios offers the crème de la crème of luxury wall mount mailboxes, which are manufactured in the modernistic architectural style of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Waterglass Studios high end mailbox designs include both horizontal and vertical wall mount mailboxes. Plus, they can be ordered in genuine oxidized hand-burnished copper, or with a hammered copper finish that exude a unique, weathered look.

Waterglass Studios Horizontal Wall Mount Mailbox features sharp, angular lines and measure 18” wide by 8.25” high by 4.75” deep, allowing ample space to accommodate your daily mail.

Waterglass Studios Vertical Wall Mount Mailbox is just slightly smaller at 9.5” wide by 17” high by 4” deep with a hinged top designed that opens easily while still protecting your daily mail.

While the Waterglass Studio Horizontal wall mount mailbox is the most expensive luxury mailbox offered by The MailboxWorks, their distinguished appearance and pleasing form echoes with a stunning beauty that exceeds the mailbox price.

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