Four Reasons for the Timeless Allure of The MailboxWork’s Keystone Mailboxes

July 30, 2012

The MailboxWork’s post mount Keystone Mailboxes are one of the most pleasing Residential Mailboxes for today’s discerning homeowner. Why?  The reasons are four-fold.

Keystone Fleur De Lis Mailbox1. Custom Order Keystone Mailboxes Online

First, whether you order the Original, Fleur de Lis or the Signature Series of Keystone mailboxes by Gaines Manufacturing, they are all fun to customize and can easily be ordered online. At the a homeowner can navigate through a myriad of mailbox options to ensure the deluxe post mount Keystone mailbox they order fits their exact needs.

The mailbox selection process is exciting and it begins with a fine photographic review of thirteen different body color and door finish options.  Once the Keystone mailbox color is chosen, the homeowner chooses one of three unique door accents and one of three mailbox post styles. Then the mailbox address plaque and address lettering are selected, a locking mailbox insert is chosen, and then a choice of post cuff and newspaper box is presented.

The ordering process is quick and easy but the Keystone mailbox comes with so many options that many homeowners build several custom Keystone mailboxes before ordering their perfect choice.

2. Mailboxes Are Simple to Install

Second, when Keystone mailboxes arrive, the homeowner discovers another reason why they are a discerning choice; Keystone mailboxes are simple to install.  The instructions are clear; all the mailbox mounting hardware is included and for homeowners that purchase a matching HouseMark mailbox address plaque they’ll even find the proper drill bit included.

3. Keystone Mailboxes are Tough & Durable

Third, Keystone mailboxes last. Constructed of aircraft quality aluminum materials and powder coated with a weather-resistant finish, these professionally crafted residential post mount mailboxes often outlast the homeowner’s tenure in the home. And the solid brass ages gracefully into a natural tarnish as the years go by.

4. Maintenance Free

Finally, Keystone mailboxes are virtually maintenance free.  Aside from washing off any grass-clippings or grime from the road, the Keystone mailboxes need no specific maintenance beyond ordinary clean up with soap and water. Plus, if the Keystone mailbox is damaged by an unfortunate auto accident or other event, Keystone mailbox replacement parts are available (an often overlooked feature that big-box retailers cannot provide with their mass-produced mailbox products).

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