BrightLight Solutions Mailboxes with Illuminated Solar Powered House Address Numbers

April 13, 2015

Brightlight Solutions Solar Mail Mailbox PostSolar powered illuminated house numbers by BrightLight Solutions have solved a problem that many homeowners have faced; how to create illuminated address numbers on their mailbox to help guests find their home.

Solar powered illuminated address numbers help homeowners avoid the need, the cost, and the extraordinary effort it takes to run electrical wiring and switches simply to power a lighted address plaque.

Illuminated Contemporary Mailboxes with Backlit LED

Nestled along the ever-sunny and expansive waterways of Cape Coral, Florida, this solar illuminated mailbox manufacturer has created a unique innovation to add to today’s contemporary mailboxes.

The key feature of these contemporary illuminated mailboxes is the incorporation of solar powered house address numbers atop the mailbox post.

The solar illuminated address numbers do not merely glow luminescent but are actually backlit by the innovative addition of NiMH batteries powered by the sun and corresponding LED lights that require little power and no added electricity cost.

This combination of NiMH batteries and solar LED house numbers means the mailbox address stays lit from early evening to mid-morning: 12-15 hours per day.

Moreover, one of the benefits of using LED solar powered mailbox lights is that they have a decades-long life span that practically eliminates the need to ever change a light bulb.

Helping Emergency Personnel

While most mail is delivered during daylight hours, one of the key benefits of having solar powered address numbers on your mailbox is that evening guests as well as emergency personnel such as fire/rescue and Emergency Medical Technicians can quickly locate your home in the event of an urgent need.

These solar mailbox and post combos also feature not just one illuminated address panel but three address panels so that one’s home address numbers can be viewed from both street directions as well as directly in front of the home.

Illuminated House Numbers Up to 5 Digits

Your choice of address numbers and a positioning template are provided with your new mailbox so that you can place the address upon the mailbox post regardless of whether it is one, two, three, four, or five digits long.

Powder coated for protection against the elements, Brightlight Solutions mailboxes are currently unavailable on our online shop. But you can visit the manufacturer’s site to learn more.

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