The Common House Address Plate Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

November 4, 2014 10:34 pm

QualArc Edgewood Large Lighted Address PlaqueWhether one notices the bronze house address plates that adorn affluent and middle class communities in North America, the small address number engravings above the door common in small Baltic nations such as Lithuania and Latvia, or the graffiti style address numbers done in magic marker or spray paint on the wooden fence posts out in the coffee plantations of El Salvador, house address plates enjoy a never waning ubiquity wherever one lives.

Why is this?

Front gate address plates, wall address plates, mailbox address plates and even lawn address plates are common in all developed countries for four important reasons:

  • First, the address sign plate provides key information necessary for guests to find one’s home.
  • Second, mailbox address plates help the postal carriers validate the correct delivery address of one’s mail and parcels.
  • Third, hanging and lawn address plates plus home address numbers assist emergency responders such as fire truck and ambulance drivers to locate your home when one needs them most.
  • Fourth, unique address plates provide an excellent decorative opportunity for homeowners who desire to distinguish their home through a particular design motif.

Because address plates are more than mere decorative home decor accessories, it is important to take the time to consider three factors beyond their ascetic appeal:

  1. Illuminated or lighted address plate
  2. Address plate size
  3. Visibility of your address plate during seasonal changes

Illuminated or Lighted Address Plates

First, one should consider the illumination factor. House address plates identify your home during both daytime hours and nighttime hours.  For address plates that are not mounted beneath or above one’s home or landscape illumination, a lighted address plate can be a lifesaver.

Address Plate Sizes

Second, one should consider the size of the address plate relative to the most common viewing distance of those traveling down the street.  Be sure the address numbers can be easily and plainly seen at the most commonly utilized distance.

Visibility of the Address Plate

And third, consider the landscape changes that occur throughout the seasons when installing the address plates as what may be easily visible in late fall or winter might be quickly obscured by trees or bushes in full bloom.

Address Plate Shapes

Once these three key factors have been considered, there are a variety of unique address plates on the market that can be utilized for nearly any mounting application, many of which are available online at The MailboxWorks.

A vertical address plate can be installed on a fence post or doorframe.  A rectangle, small circle or oval address plate can be utilized for walk-up doorways where all that’s required is a number or two to identify the residence.  And dozens of choices step forward when employing a house address plate to communicate both house number and street name.

Address plates even come in unique shapes such as arches, diamonds, badges, ribbons and more.

And there are dozens of adornments such as floral, seashells, graphics, and national themes such as eagles, fleur de lis, etc. There are also fun adornments available such as saws or wrenches to identify homes where tools are at the forefront.


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