The Common House Address Plate Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

November 4, 2014

QualArc Edgewood Large Lighted Address Plaque

House address plates enjoy attention wherever you go. Why is this?

Front gate address plates, wall address plates, mailbox address plates, and even lawn address plates are common for four important reasons:

  • First, the address sign plate provides key information necessary for guests to find your home.
  • Second, they help postal carriers confirm the right delivery address for your mail and packages.
  • Third, hanging and lawn address plates help emergency responders find your home when you need them most.
  • Fourth, unique address plates provide a decorative chance for homeowners to separate their houses from others.

Because address plates are more than home decor, you should take the time to consider three factors beyond their ascetic appeal:

  1. Illuminated or lighted address plate
  2. Address plate size
  3. Visibility of your address plate during seasonal changes

Illuminated or Lighted Address Plates

First, one should consider a lighted address plaque. House address plates identify your home during both daytime hours and nighttime hours. When your address plate is not hung near a landscape light or something like this, a lighted address plate can be a lifesaver.

Address Plate Sizes

Second, you should think about the size of your address plate. It should be as big as it needs to be so it can be seen from the street.

Visibility of the Address Plate

And third, consider the seasonal changes that may happen to your landscaping. Will a tree grow to be in the way of seeing it? Be sure to put it in a spot that will be seen year-round.

Address Plate Shapes

Once these three key factors have been considered there are many unique address plates on the market. The MailboxWorks carries lots of options for our customers.

A vertical address plate can be installed on a fence post or doorframe. A rectangle, small circle, or oval address plate can be used for walk-up doorways. Dozens of choices step forward when using a house address plate. Address plates even come in unique shapes such as arches, diamonds, badges, ribbons, and more. And there are dozens of accents such as floral, seashells, graphics, and national themes such as eagles and fleur de lis. There are also fun extras available such as saws or wrenches.


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