Hentzi Copper Mailboxes – Objets d’Art for Your Home

June 10, 2015

Hentzi Rugged Rural Copper MailboxesVermont artist Greg Hentzi’s exceptional embossed copper artwork is now available as a residential Hentzi copper mailbox.

While many artists struggle to hone their skills on forgiving canvases, Greg Hentzi designs artwork by wielding steel burins, Florentine liners, roulets, and mezzotint rockers to engrave the uber-challenging and expensive canvas of solid copper sheeting.

Hentzi copper engravings are not confined to just artwork for the walls of one’s home however. Hentzi designs can be found framed by common and useful household items like copper waste baskets, copper post mount mailboxes, and copper wall mount mailboxes, all of which are available online at The MailboxWorks.

And despite the difficulty in creating these visual copper masterpieces, Hentzi embossed copper mailboxes are now available in forty-three different copper artwork designs.

Hentzi Mailbox Artwork

Locking Hentzi copper mailboxes are adorned with a broad variety of regaled items of interest including such iconic symbols as:

  • The physician’s caduceus
  • The Christian’s old rugged cross
  • Places of fond memory such as a Boston lighthouse or covered bridge
  • And endearing favorite objects such as golf clubs or teddy bears

And while these items of interest draw the eye and set the tone for the home by their very objet d’art, the most favorite scenes found upon locking wall mount and post mount Hentzi copper mailboxes are from the allure of nature itself.

Domestic Animal Scenes – Among the Hentzi copper mailbox scenes from nature are those that feature domestic animals such as distinctive dogs like the black Labrador, Brittany spaniel, English pointer, and English setter.

Wild Animal Scenes – Greg Hentzi copper mailboxes also depict wild animal scenes from nature including the American bison, bear cubs, a bull moose, Maine moose, a polar bear family, old mountain buck, and Yellowstone wolves.

Fishing Scenes  – In addition, Hentzi designs on copper mailboxes are also available with fisherman favorites such as bass, brook trout, brown trout, leaping dolphins, rainbow trout, and sperm whale.

Bird Scenes – Even birdwatchers can find their favorite wings framed in copper sheeting upon a Hentzi mailbox with nature scenes depicting cardinals, chickadees, hummingbirds, mallards, nuthatches, owls, herons, and quail.

Insect Scenes – Fanciful Spring flyers such as dragonflies, dragonflies and bamboo, and summer butterflies are also available favorite Hentzi mailbox designs.

Scenes of Plants and Trees – Some Greg Hentzi copper mailboxes also feature the beauty of plant life and trees that often adorn the Vermont foothills where Hentzi performs his copper artistry. Scenes with Longfellow pines, majestic maples, Norwegian pines, oak leaves, Scottish pines, and wheat are all available in the beauty of his fine copper engravings.

Signed Hentzi Masterpieces

Whichever beautiful Hentzi design is engraved upon these Hentzi copper mailboxes, they are gorgeous works of artistry that are all signed by the artist himself, and are lacquer-sealed for lasting protection.

Additionally, these Hentzi mailbox works of art are well-framed by a secure, locking, post mount or wall mount mailbox, crafted from heavy gauge steel and adorned with a stainless steel lid.

Hentzi copper mailboxes function as beautifully as they appear, and weigh only seven pounds so they are simple to install.

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