Gaines Mailboxes: American Made, Americana Designed

April 8, 2014 2:18 pm

Gaines Keystone Eagle MailboxNestled in the canyons of Poway, California, just 15 miles from the ever-changing and always stunning Pacific Ocean, Gaines Manufacturing creates some of the world’s most architecturally appealing residential mailboxes for The MailboxWorks, North America’s leading residential mailbox supplier.

It’s no secret that the beauty of Gaines Manufacturing mailboxes is inspired by the surrounding natural beauty of one of the most sought after communities in North America.

Post & Wall Mounted Residential Mailboxes

For homeowners that prefer American made post mounted or wall mounted mailboxes, Gaines American made mailboxes are not only 100% designed, engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A. but they also reflect a true love of Americana design.

The powerful American eagle motif and words “US Mail” are often employed in the design motif choices for most Gaines mailboxes.

Even our friendly neighbors to the north are recognized in their Americana design palate as Gaines Manufacturing offers both the maple leaf and fleur de Lis design (both Canadian favorites) as additional choices for homeowners selecting Gaines mailbox door plaques.

So whether you’ve a home in Toronto or Texarkana, you’ll find a wonderful array of mailbox design choices available for all Gaines mailboxes in both wall mounted mailboxes and post mounted Gaines mailboxes.

Fleur De Lis Wall Mount MailboxGaines Mailbox Accents

Due to the huge variety of mailbox design choices, Gaines mailboxes are also fun to buy.

Consider the choices available with their ever popular Gaines Keystone mailboxes Signature Series:

  1. First, homeowners can select from over a dozen mailbox colors and front mailbox plaque combinations
  2. Then, the mailbox design options multiply as homeowners select from various customization options including;

Door Accents             Mailbox Post Styles

Address Plaques        Address Lettering

Post Cuffs                 Locking Mailbox Inserts

Gaines mailboxes can even be equipped with optional under mount newspaper boxes.

Even if a dozen neighbors in your subdivision chose to purchase and install Gaines residential mailboxes for their homes, each mailbox design can be uniquely different from your own.

Clustered Gaines Mailboxes

And for homeowner associations seeking a more uniformed look for their addition, up to five Gaines mailboxes can be easily clustered together on a dual post mailbox system. And because of the variety of choices, each association can define their neighborhood look through their unique mailbox design choices.

Gaines Mailboxes Are Built to Last

While homeowners appreciate the refined beauty of Gaines mailboxes, another valuable feature of all Gaines residential mailboxes is their durability.

All Gaines Manufacturing mailbox and address plaque products are crafted from cast aluminum that is electro-statically covered with a powder coat paint finish resulting in long-lasting Gaines mailboxes that never rust and are virtually maintenance free.

Brass features on all Gaines mailboxes also add to the long-lasting reliability of this favored residential mailbox brand.

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