Why Keystone Mailboxes Are So Popular

October 8, 2012

Keystone Mailboxes, designed by The MailboxWorks Gaines Manufacturing, are among the most sought after residential Post Mount Mailboxes in North America.  Why?

In this article, we’ll review the top three reasons why Keystone mailboxes are a perfect choice for today’s homeowner, namely, that they are:

  1. Practically Maintenance Free
  2. Come in Excellent Color Choices plus Complimentary Finishes
  3. Are Available with a Variety of Accessories

Gaines Signature Keystone Post Mount MailboxKeystone Mailboxes are Virtually Maintenance Free

The first reason Gaines Keystone mailboxes are a top homeowner choice is that they are practically maintenance free because they are constructed of cast aluminum and then professionally coated with a powder coat paint finish. The powder coating ensures that all Keystone mailboxes will never rust. The maintenance-free feature is a real benefit to homeowners who want a post mount mailbox that looks great without having to spend valuable time and resources keeping it that way.

Plenty of Color Choices & Complimentary Finishes

The second reason Keystone mailboxes are a popular purchase for today’s homeowner is the vast array of available color choices and complementing finishes. Whether one shops among the brass-plated-door Original Series Keystone Mailboxes or the U.S. Mail scripted doors of the Signature Series Keystone Mailboxes, there are four mailbox body colors available (metallic bronze, black, white and almond) and two to four door finishes per color available; the number of door finishes available depends on the body color choice.  For example:

Black Keystone Mailboxes are available with antique bronze, polished brass, satin nickel, or black doors.

Almond Colored Keystone Mailboxes are available with antique bronze or polished brass doors only.

Flag signal colors also coordinate with the door finish so polished brass doors are accompanied by a polished brass signal flag. The color choices are a real benefit to today’s post mount mailbox buyer because they allow homeowners to choose a color and finish scheme that best coordinates and complements the colors and finishes of their home.

Gaines Keystone Eagle Mailbox Deluxe PostKeystone Mailboxes Offer a Wonderful Variety of Accessories

The third reason Keystone mailboxes are a favorite among discerning homeowners seeking curbside mailboxes are the popular accessories available with their purchase.

For instance, post mount mailbox buyers can choose a keystone mailbox without post or order the post mount mailbox with one of two different post styles; standard or deluxe.

The standard post allows the homeowner to mount the keystone mailbox directly on top of the mailbox post itself while the deluxe post rises vertically to a finial ball finish top and has an arm that swings out from the post with an arching under support so any of the Keystone mailboxes can be mounted directly to the arm. Both standard and deluxe posts are constructed of cast aluminum with a powder coat finish that coordinates perfectly with the homeowner’s choice among the variety of Keystone mailboxes.

Additionally, homeowners can specify address lettering to be applied to either mailbox side or both. And a locking function may also be specified for the post mount mailbox.

These three key accessories of Keystone mailboxes, including posts, address lettering, and locking functionality, ensure the homeowner receives a curbside post mount mailbox that matches the post finish and colors and that the mailbox address letting and locking features complement the mailbox perfectly.

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