dVault Curbside Delivery Vault Mailbox

May 17, 2016

Mail and Package Delivery Vault Designed for 2016 Lifestyles

dVault Curbside Mail Package Full Service VaultAs a homeowner, a home business person, or a business owner, you don’t want to have to worry about your mail or if you are going to be a victim of mail theft.

If you are thinking of upgrading your mailbox, the secure dVault curbside delivery vault mailbox, available online at The Mailboxworks, is unique and different in that it can handle not only both mail and package delivery, but also keep them highly secure and safe.

The very design of this delivery vault mailbox allows for both US Postal Service mail delivery as well as package delivery from a variety of delivery services (including postal service delivery, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and many other carriers).

dVault mail and package delivery vaults offer secure mail collection and delivery solutions that also solve another problem.

Many of today’s residential and commercial mailboxes are simply not designed for the quantity of packages that are now being received (or sent), which is one of the many challenges being faced in an economy driven by online shopping by busy homeowners, home based businesses, and even thriving commercial businesses.

The dVault curbside mail and package delivery vault is also designed for high security with a patented, anti-pry, double hook posi-lock system on the access door that protects the valuable mail and packages that are delivered to it.

And this security system does not require the mail carrier or package delivery personnel to utilize a key to open the delivery vault.  The carrier simply inserts the mail into the delivery vault and the homeowner or business owner utilizes their own key to retrieve their packages and mail from the dVault curbside mailbox.

As well, the moving doors are hinged with stainless steel hinges and pins for long-lasting quality.

The access door with the security lock is located at the rear of the delivery vault making the retrieval of mail and packages a process that is simple and safe. You don’t have to walk out onto a busy road to access the front of the mailbox to retrieve your mail and packages!

There are also a variety of decorative options for the dVault curbside mail and package delivery vault.

It can be used in a bare utilitarian fashion or encapsulated in an attractive external covering such as brick or stucco, or other coverings that match the architectural ascetic of the campus or buildings in its surroundings.

Constructed of heavy-duty, 16-gauge galvanized steel, this curbside delivery vault mailbox is covered in a durable power coated poly-hammer finish and available in four finishes (black, grey, sand, white and copper vein). This makes it easy to match the dVault delivery mailbox to nearly any standard exterior finish.

There’s even more that makes dVault curbside mail delivery mailboxes so unique and impressive!

The outgoing mail compartment measures a generous 7 inches wide by 6 ¼” high by 18 inches deep, which is large enough for standard business envelopes and letters as well as greeting card sized envelopes.

Plus, the incoming mail compartment and accompanying package delivery system accepts large envelopes, magazines, as well as small to medium sized packages.

To learn more about dVault locking mailboxes or to have your question answered by a mailbox expert, contact The MailboxWorks or call toll free at 1-866-717-4943.

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