Paws and Letters: Discover Dog-Shaped Mailboxes

February 16, 2016

Woodendipity Postal Pooch Novelty MailboxThe MailboxWorks, the nation’s leading residential post mount mailboxes retailer, carries dog-themed and dog-shaped mailbox options in four different key styles. These novelty dog mailboxes are sure to please even the most discerning of dog lovers and dog owners.

Find a dog-shaped mailbox in:

  • Copper
  • Fiberglass
  • Wood
  • Or Completely Customized

Dog Shaped Mailbox in Copper

The first style of the dog-shaped mailbox to consider is hand-embossed in copper plates and mounted upon standard, USPS-approved steel post-mount mailboxes. Within this copper style are seven Hentzi copper mailboxes, rural post mount mailboxes that feature the following dog motifs:  a black lab with a red collar; an English Pointer on point; a running English Setter; a German Shorthaired Pointer on point; a Golden Retriever with red collar; a sitting black Labrador with collar; and a Springer Spaniel flushing a bird.

Additionally, two other dog-shaped mailbox choices are available in a copper embossed style, including the Weaver Black Lab mailbox and the Still River Labrador mailbox.

Fiberglass Mailbox Covers with Dog Themes

Beyond the nine variations of copper dog mailboxes, there are six beautiful Bacova dog mailboxes that are crafted by wrapping a strong fiberglass decorative panel around a standard steel post-mount mailbox. Decorative dog mailboxes offered in the Bacova line include a full-bodied Golden Retriever standing near water and cattails; a close-up face of a smiling Golden Retriever; a Black Labrador watching over three Labrador puppies; a trio of Labradors (golden, brown, and black in color); six puppies of various breeds playing with a wooden Mallard decoy and kitchen rolling pin; plus a Black Labrador sitting in golden reeds.

Wooden Dog Themed Mailboxes

Canine fans may also like the wooden dog-shaped mailbox, a third choice available from The MailboxWorks. These come in six distinctive novelty dog mailbox designs. These dog-shaped mailboxes are handcrafted from wood to bring a three-dimensional aspect of various breeds to life, including a Black Labrador mailbox; a howling black and white Hound dog mailbox; a smiling Dalmatian mailbox; a brown and white pooch perched atop a mailbox; a dog sitting “Snoopy” style upon a doghouse mailbox (with a cat sitting inside the doghouse); and a cat perched upon a doghouse mailbox with a dog laying inside the mailbox.

Custom Dog Mailbox Options

Finally, one of the most popular choices for dog lovers everywhere is the Custom Photo post mount mailbox. Picture your own furry friend’s photo applied directly to your post-mount mailbox to share with your neighborhood. In less than sixty seconds, you can upload a photo to the experts at The MailboxWorks, who will produce and email you a proof of your personalized dog-themed mailbox for your approval. Once you approve the photo, The MailboxWorks will print your dog photo on a high-quality, outdoor-grade vinyl and apply it to both sides of your new dog mailbox.

Whether you’re a part of the smaller dog culture found in Naples Florida, Scottsdale Arizona, or the larger dog culture found in Boulder Colorado, and Minneapolis Minnesota, we’re sure you would love a dog-shaped mailbox. Many pet owners enjoy celebrating an essential member of their family with this unique home accessory to declare their love for their dogs.

And one of the most declarative accessories when it comes to canine loyalty is having a dog-shaped mailbox from The MailboxWorks.

Add Personality to Your Curb with Dog-Shaped Mailboxes

Dog-shaped mailboxes are a unique and playful way to express your personality and love for your furry friend right on your curb. These mailboxes not only serve as a functional item for receiving mail but also as a decorative piece that showcases your individual style and brings a smile to the faces of passersby. With a range of breeds and customizable options available, you can find the perfect mailbox to represent your beloved pet or your favorite canine breed.

Opting for a dog-shaped mailbox is a fun and creative approach to enhancing your home’s exterior and making your mail collection a bit more joyful. Whether you’re a dog lover or simply looking for something that stands out from the typical mailbox, these canine-inspired designs offer charm, whimsy, and a personal touch.

Explore our selection of dog-shaped mailboxes at Mailbox Works to find the ideal match for your home and personality. Let your mailbox reflect your love for dogs and add a unique flair to your curb appeal.

For a mailbox that’s as special as your furry companion, visit our website or contact us at  1-866-717-4943. Shop Dog-Shaped Mailboxes | Contact Us for Custom Design

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