Put Some Fun in Your Neighborhood!

November 1, 2010

Baby Bass Lure Novelty MailboxLet’s face it – most mailboxes aren’t even noticed.  Yet every day, we drive by them, walk past them, and unless it’s Sunday, grab our mail from them.   But mailboxes don’t have to be boring.  You can put some fun in your neighborhood with a novelty mailbox.

Novelty mailboxes are affordable and unique gifts. Whether you are shopping for someone who loves golf or trains or cows, or motorcycles … whether your gift recipient enjoys fishing, fire engines, roosters, pigs, churches, dogs, cats, or sailboats … and more … there’s a novelty mailbox that matches your personality and interests exactly.  Imagine the surprise and wonderment your gift will bring!

For example, let’s say you’re buying for a friend or spouse who really likes fishing. You won’t have to settle for any old fish.  You can choose exactly what your friend or spouse enjoys with our large selection of fish or aquatic animal novelty mailboxes.  Choose from a firetiger fishing lure mailbox, a baby bass mailbox, a largemouth bass mailbox, a catfish mailbox, a mail nook mailbox, orca mailbox, manatee mailbox, dolphin mailbox, shark mailbox, crocodile mailbox, or even a large whale mailbox.

Your spouse a bird lover?  Again you have a wide variety of choices.  Choose from a hummingbird mailbox, loon mailbox, parrot mailbox, flamingo mailbox, pelican mailbox, rooster mailbox, toucan mailbox, mallard duck mailbox, parrot mailbox, goose mailbox, or duck mailbox.  And if you can’t find the exact bird your spouse enjoys you can send in a photo of the exact bird (just search the internet for the photo of the bird you want).  The photo will be expertly applied to a mailbox that will thrill your spouse.

Golf Bag Novelty MailboxGolf lovers have choices too.  There are golf ball novelty mailboxes, golf cart novelty mailboxes, and two types of golf bag novelty mailboxes.

Have a car lover or train lover or plane lover to buy for?  There’s a complete selection of planes, trains, and automobile mailboxes to browse.  Choose from a train mailbox, fire engine mailbox, racing plane mailbox, tractor mailbox, motorcycle mailbox, tour bus mailbox, city bus mailbox, school bus mailbox, snowmobile mailbox, diesel train mailbox, pickup truck mailbox, US Mail Truck mailbox, seaplane mailbox, dragster mailbox, fire truck mailbox, semi-truck mailbox, patriotic bi-plane mailbox, stretch limousine, and a NY Yellow Checker Taxi Cab mailbox.  If you are looking for a car mailbox, you can choose from 57 Chevy mailbox, 55 Bel Air mailbox, 59 Caddy mailbox, DeSoto mailbox, 59 Impala mailbox, 66 Nova mailbox, 1920 antique car mailbox, 70 Nova mailbox, 33 Willies mailbox, and even a pink Cadillac mailbox!

Novelty mailboxes are handcrafted with extraordinary details that will make you proud to display them in your neighborhood.  Mounted to a standard mailbox post, the novelty mailboxes are constructed of sturdy steel with a baked-on enamel finish that is rust-resistant.   Attaching parts are either fabricated from Medex, a wood composite designed especially for long-lasting outdoor use, or from high-impact polyethylene.  Your novelty mailbox will withstand many years of exposure to the elements.

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