Curbside Mailboxes: The 4 Key “S” Questions to Ask Prior to Purchasing

April 9, 2012

Special Lite Classic Post Mount MailboxFor those in the decision process of purchasing curbside Residential Mailboxes for their subdivision or simply a curbside mailbox for their own home, it’s easy to overlook how vital this “snail mail” delivery decision actually is. Before making your decision about which of the hundreds of available curbside mailboxes is best for your residence, consider these four key “S” mailbox questions – Size, Security, Strength and Style:

1. What Size of Curbside Mailbox Do you Need?

Residential curbside mailboxes are available in standard sizes and in large sizes for extra mail capacity needs. For some homeowner’s, standard curbside Post Mount Mailboxes are adequate. These homeowners do not travel for more than a few days nor do they receive many mail packages in their “snail mail.”

But busy families and career-minded individuals have discovered that the 20% or more extra cubit inches that larger curbside mailboxes usually provide allows them to avoid the hassles of remembering to stop mail delivery (and restarting it) and ensures that small mail packages can be easily delivered along with their everyday snail mail. Column Mount Mailboxes is another option that provides even more secure storage capacity for incoming mail and small packages.

2. How Secure Do you Need your Residential Mailbox to Be?

Locking curbside mailboxes (also called security mailboxes) help to significantly deter mail theft and identity theft. These contemporary curbside mailboxes are ideal for the prevention of mail theft in both suburban and rural settings since identity and mail theft are not just suburban issues. Those with roadside rural mailboxes must also consider how easy it would be for a thief to stop by a curbside mailbox that’s isolated from one’s home and watchful neighbors.

Too often, homeowners inadvertently make it quite tempting for thieves to steal the “snail mail.” Discerning homeowners or homeowner association buyers find peace of mind by simply ensuring that the residential mailboxes they purchase have locking features and a heavier gauge steel construction.

3. How Strong or Durable Does your Curbside Mailbox Need to Be?

Residential curbside mailboxes stand fully exposed every day of the year to the elements (sun, snow, rain, ice, etc.) and every homeowner should consider the quality of mailbox construction and the durability of the materials used by those companies crafting residential mailboxes before making a decision that might only have to be repeated in a year.

Today’s residential curbside mailboxes are available in stainless steel, galvanized steel, heavy gauge steel and cast aluminum in order to withstand the daily challenges of your region’s weather.

4. What Style of Curbside Mailbox Is Best for you?

Homeowners may be surprised at the wide variety of mailbox styles and finishes that are available when shopping for a new curbside mailbox. Not only are materials like stainless steel and cast aluminum used to protect the residential mailbox against the elements and provide strength, these same materials also are utilized to provide homeowners the ability to purchase residential curbside mailboxes (and Mailbox Posts) to compliment the style of their home. From traditional minded homeowners seeking an understated elegance to contemporary-minded homeowners wanting a bold, eye-catching contemporary curbside mailbox, today’s residential curbside mailboxes come in a wide array of design choices.


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