Two Cool Modern Mailbox Designs to Complement Your Home

August 10, 2015

Are you a homeowner searching for a residential wall mount mailbox to complement your home? You will be pleasantly surprised to find tons of cool modern mailboxes at The MailboxWorks.

The MailboxWorks has hand-picked and stocked over forty different contemporary mailboxes from which to choose. We will explore two of the most stunning and cool modern mailboxes. Both are specifically designed to complement any contemporary home:

  1. Hollywood Red mailbox by Knobloch
  2. Modern Vega mailbox in stainless steel by European Home

Knobloch Dessau Red Mailbox

Knobloch Mailboxes

We will look at The MailboxWorks’ Knobloch Dessau Red Mailbox which is the most likely to turn heads.

This mailbox, which is a European trendsetter, is an estate-sized, wall-mount mailbox. It is German-made and built at the highest levels of quality. The mail slot allows large envelopes and magazines. It is also cleverly hidden by the front swing door panel. This panel opens by key to get your mail. This square front panel has a modern bow curve that is powder coat finished in the most brilliant red. It is offset by the word “POST,” which is printed in white letters.

For homeowners who want to draw the eye to the front porch, these mailboxes are one of the most attractive options available.

European Home Modern Vega Mailbox

European Home Vega Wall Mount Mailboxes

Our second cool modern mailbox is a Belgium-designed, modern stainless steel wonder. It is called the “Vega.” European Home handcrafts the modern Vega mailbox wall mount. However, the Vega can also be ordered for curbside mailbox installation. Just ask for the Vega post mount mailbox style!

While the Knobloch mailbox features a side-to-side curved front panel, the Vega has a front panel that curves from top to bottom. This mailbox is elegantly crafted of top-quality .08 inch AISI 316 marine grade stainless steel. It withstands corrosion even when mounted on homes near the sea, where saltwater can often corrode mailboxes with lesser-grade builds.

Finished in a brushed satin look, this modern mailbox complements a wide variety of contemporary architectural styles. And, due to its stainless steel color, it matches any color palate. Like the Knobloch mailbox, the modern Vega also features a large capacity for your mail and small packages. Additionally, it comes standard with an Alloy security lock and two keys.

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