The Advantages of Installing Commercial Drop Box Mailboxes

December 2, 2013

Commercial drop box mailboxes provide brick-and-mortar establishments with a distinct advantage over their competitors. Dropbox mailboxes allow the business or organization to engage their clientele after-hours.

By providing commercial drop boxes on their property, organizations are able to provide their customers or clientele with the convenience of a safe and secure manner to drop off mail and other deliveries and continue the business relationship.

Oasis Drop Box Standard PostHow Are DropBox Mailboxes Used?

Consider some of the most popular uses of a pedestal and freestanding commercial drop box mailboxes as fodder for ideas at your establishment:

  • Automotive maintenance and repair facilities use commercial drop boxes as a way to allow their customers to drop off cars and keys securely after hours.
  • Public libraries utilize commercial drop boxes to assist their patrons with book returns beyond their normal operating hours.  Some libraries also purchase commercial drop boxes as a safe portal for patrons to donate books to the library at any time.
  • Apartment managers use commercial drop mailboxes as a secure receptacle to collect rent payments and signed paperwork.

The advantages of commercial drop box mailboxes are primarily convenience, safety and security, and ease of collection.  However, since every organization’s needs are different, commercial drop mailboxes are available in a diversity of sizes, shapes, and functions.

DropBox Mailbox Features

To ensure your commercial drop boxes are best suited for your specific application, consider the following buying guide to commercial drop boxes.

DropBox Size

First, consider the typical size of the item being dropped in your commercial dropbox mailbox and the number of items to be collected prior to you emptying the dropbox. Size x Quantity = Volume is an easy, yet very important formula to consider.

Once you’ve done a ballpark estimation of your volume, you’ll have a good idea of what size commercial drop boxes you’ll need for your project.

Commercial drop boxes are found in three basic sizes:

  • Large Commercial Drop Boxes – These are often best suited for applications that have larger packages or less frequent retrievals.
  • Medium commercial drop boxes  – These will hold several days of collected items or medium-sized items.
  • Small Commercial Drop Boxes – These are best for daily retrieval or small items such as keys or payments.

For commercial drop boxes that allow the item to pass through a wall or door into the interior of the building, the capacity is without limits.

These commercial drop boxes are called wall mount drop boxes (or wall mount collection boxes) and often users place a bin on the inside of the building to collect the dropped-off items.

Epoch Design Wall Mount Drop BoxDropBox Security

Second, consider the security needs of your application.  Commercial drop boxes come standard with locking retrieval doors to prevent thieves or mischievous individuals from accessing the dropped items or packages.

For greater security, commercial drop boxes are also available with a hopper door that prevents vandals or thieves from using wires, sticks, or a flexible arm to reach into the commercial drop boxes and pull items back out.

Front or Rear Access Drop Boxes

Third, consider how you wish to retrieve the items dropped off by your clientele – via the front of the dropbox or the rear of the dropbox.

While it may not seem like a big deal to gather items entrusted to your commercial drop boxes, after a year or two of retrieving the items you will want this process to be as convenient and easy as possible.  So, give thought to how you retrieve the items.

Rear Access Drop Boxes – For example, if your clientele typically drives up to the commercial drop boxes to place their items in them through their car window, you should strongly consider purchasing rear access commercial drop boxes so that you are not trying to open the commercial drop boxes from the driving lane but rather from the safety of the rear of the unit.  This option even allows your clientele to use the box while you are collecting from it.

Front Access Drop Boxes – If the commercial drop boxes are mounted near a wall or against bushes or plants, you’ll want to purchase front access commercial drop boxes so that you don’t have to negotiate a tight space behind the drop boxes to retrieve the items dropped inside it.

And if you must mount the unit near a wall, you may wish to purchase the wall mount collection boxes so that the items are securely deposited through the wall or door basically eliminating any need to walk outdoors and collect them.

Some wall mount drop boxes also are available with a locking mechanism on the inside of the wall or door so that you can ensure the items are secure from non-authorized persons.

As you consider these three factors, dropbox size, security, and access, you’ll gain a significant advantage in purchasing the best commercial drop boxes for your application.  And should you need assistance, the nation’s leading retailer of commercial drop boxes provides expert-level guidance in choosing the best commercial drop boxes for your project.

Streamlining Secure Deliveries with Commercial Drop Box Mailboxes

Wrapping up our insights on commercial drop box mailboxes, it’s evident that these secure drop solutions are indispensable for businesses seeking efficient, safe, and convenient package and mail handling. Tailored to withstand the rigors of high-volume, commercial use, these mailboxes offer a secure point for deliveries, minimizing the risk of theft or damage and ensuring that transactions remain confidential.

Secure Your Deliveries Now

Peruse our selection of commercial drop box mailboxes designed for durability and security. Ideal for businesses of all sizes, our drop boxes facilitate a seamless exchange of goods and communication, providing peace of mind for both senders and recipients.

Considering an upgrade to a secure drop box system? Our knowledgeable team is here to assist with finding the perfect solution to meet your business needs, enhancing your operational efficiency and security. For personalized service or to browse our array of drop box mailboxes, reach out at 1-866-717-4943 or via our contact page. Explore MailboxWorks today and take the first step towards securing your business deliveries with our trusted commercial drop box mailbox solutions.


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