Choosing the Perfect Commercial Mail Drop Box

April 25, 2011

4C Pedestal Mailboxes Collection Drop BoxesIn the world of 24/7 instant gratification accessibility, most businesses have realized that if they are not open all hours of the night and every day of the week, that they must find ways to still engage their customers.  Enter the Commercial Mail DropBox.  This locked mail drop box stands sentry at the door or entryway of every business providing a safe, secure mail drop box for clients to make payments, drop off rented items, provide keys for cars left for maintenance, and to provide a safe “handoff” or return for nearly any hand-carried item.

Since the needs of each business can vary significantly, especially with regard to the size of the item dropped in the secure drop boxes, commercial mail drop boxes present themselves in a variety of sizes, shapes, and functions.   To search for the best commercial mail drop box mailboxes for your particular application, follow these specific steps:

1. Location. The first step to selecting the perfect commercial mail drop box is to decide where your use of a commercial mail drop box is best located.  Typically, there are three options to consider:  an indoor unit mounted in an interior wall, an indoor/outdoor unit mounted in an exterior wall, and a Free-Standing Secure Drop Box that can be located anywhere on your property.

While Wall Mount Drop Boxes require a bit more installation time than a stand-alone commercial mail drop box, these units are typically less expensive and provide a neat, customized look for your business.  Some units like the mail drop box for door or mail slot, are even designed to be installed in a simple cut-out in a door.

Regardless of whether the mail dropbox goes into a wall or a door, these mounted commercial mail drop box units are space savers for those who factor in the cost of square footage in today’s commercial real estate market.  If you are trying to avoid using valuable square footage, the wall mount commercial mail drop box provides great savings by avoiding the footprint of a stand-alone mail drop box unit.

Stand-alone commercial drop box units are, however, not without significant advantages.  Easy to install, these drop boxes can be located for the optimum convenience of the customer and the business.  And a variety of mounting options are available: pedestal mounts, post mounts, as well as units that sit directly on the ground surface beneath them.

2. Capacity. The second step in choosing the perfect commercial mail drop box is to determine the volume of mail or items that are dropped into the box before the commercial mail drop is emptied.  Large commercial mail drop boxes are capable of holding weeks of mail or dropped items.  Medium-sized commercial mail drops, on average, can hold up to a week of mail or dropped items while small units can handle a few days.  (Note that some wall mount collection boxes simply pass the dropped items or mail thru to the interior of the building so their capacity is nearly unlimited.)

3. Security. While all stand-alone units provide locking mechanisms to ensure theft prevention and item security, consider purchasing a secure mail dropbox with hopper door mechanisms that prevent thieves from reaching into the security mail dropbox.  Many wall mount collection boxes also provide locking mechanisms but few contain the hopper mechanism as the collection box often drops the mail or items into the interior of the building (which is presumably secured).  Regardless, locked mail drop boxes are the norm for commercial drop boxes as security for dropped items and mail is often a major concern.

4. Access. Whether you choose a wall-mounted collection dropbox or a stand-alone commercial mail dropbox, one major consideration in your purchase should be how your business accesses the dropped items or delivered mail.  Front access mail drop boxes are keyed on the receiving side of the commercial mail drop box while rear access mail drop boxes are keyed on the opposite side of the unit.

Businesses that install drive-up commercial mail drop box units should consider whether or not their employees or collection personnel would find it best to drive up to the unit in the same manner as the customers who drop their items in the unit.  Many times this is the most convenient way to retrieve the items; however, for mail drop boxes that are located in high traffic areas, front access panels can create an inconvenience for your customers, as they cannot continue to use the unit while one is retrieving the mail.  High traffic applications are best suited for the rear access mail drop box models.

While you will find a wider variety of features as you seek the perfect commercial mail drop box, these four factors will help propel you to the top candidates for your business needs.


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