Locking Options for Cell Phone Storage Lockers

June 19, 2013

Florence Cell Phone Mini Storage LockersDesigned for use in both private and public facilities, The MailboxWorks Cell Phone Storage Lockers by Florence Manufacturing provide private, secure mobile phone storage for the ubiquitous cell phone and smartphone.

And facility managers who prohibit cell phones and smartphones in their facilities know that it’s vital to client satisfaction and their peace of mind to have a way to properly secure the restricted cell phones.

The reason is simple; patrons or clients have a very intense, personal attachment to their cell phones or smartphones due to both to the expense of the phone, the information contained therein, and to the importance of its use in the patron/client’s life.

Keyed Cell Phone Storage Units

One of the challenges in providing cell phone storage locker units for the patron or client’s cell phone or smartphone is the distribution, management, and collection of keys for cell phone storage lockers with keyed entry.

Some government facilities such as US Embassies require the patron to leave an item of value such as a credit card, passport, driver’s license or car keys in exchange for the cell phone locker key to the unit in the cell phone storage lockers.

Of course, this practice only creates another security concern; what to do with the item of value that is left in exchange for the key to the cell phone storage locker unit.

Other facilities such as many county courts, place the cell phone or smartphone into the cell phone storage locker cabinets for their patrons, then hand the key to the patron. When the patron returns to retrieve their cell phone, the court clerk or security personnel takes the key from the patron, retrieves the cell phone, hands it to the patron, and retains the key.

While this method certainly reduces the chance of lost cell phone storage locker keys, it requires paid personnel to manage the cell phone storage locker units.

Some facilities simply trust their clients to leave their keys to the cell phone storage lockers in the locks for the next client but this method often means keys may be frequently lost.

Non-Keyed Cell Phone Storage Units

While standard cam locks on cell phone storage lockers do work very well in many applications, there is often a great need for non-keyed solutions on cell phone storage lockers.

The MailboxWorks provides three alternative non-keyed solutions for secure, locking mechanisms on cell phone storage lockers:

  1. The embedded, dial combination lock
  2. The keyless, resettable, and user defined combination lock
  3. And the hasp for a user-provided padlock or combination lock

Embedded Dial Combination Locks

The embedded, dial combination lock for cell phone storage lockers and mobile phone cabinets is best suited for applications where the cell phone storage lockers are assigned to specific personnel or clients, and each combination lock has a specific combination that is given to the user. This application does not provide a secure solution for one-time use environments where the combination must be given out to each user since an unsavory user can then utilize the combination to steal a mobile phone left by a subsequent user.

Keyless Resettable User Defined Combination Locks

The keyless, resettable, user defined combination lock for cell phone storage lockers addresses the multi-user and the single-use application in that the combination is set by each individual user. The user then is responsible for setting their own unique combination to their unit in the cell phone storage lockers. An override key is provided to the facility manager to assist users that forget the combination to their unit in the cell phone storage lockers or fail to return to pick up their mobile phone.

Hasps for User Provided Locks

The hasp solution allows cell phone storage locker users to provide their own padlock or combination lock and is best used for employee applications where the employee provides their own lock. Cell phone storage cabinets with hasps are also a popular solution for membership organizations such as gyms and fitness organizations where it is common for members to provide their own locks.

Regardless of the application, The MailboxWorks provides specific solutions to avoid key management issues related to securing cell phone storage locker units.


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