How to Choose a Wall Mount Mailbox

November 22, 2010

Gaines Eagle Wall Mount MailboxLooking to purchase a new wall mount mailbox for your home? Follow these five steps and you’ll enjoy the perfect wallmount mailbox for your home:

1. Start with where to mount the wall mount mailbox.

Poor mounting locations can create daily frustrations.  First, you want to ensure the mailbox is accessible in bad weather conditions.  Second, if at all possible, you want to be sure that you can easily see if your mail has arrived without having to open the front door.

For example, if you mount a wall mount mailbox on the same wall as your front door, you will be unable to see whether or not your mail has arrived unless you physically open the door and look. Typically, if it is possible (and many times it is not) it is best to mount your wall-mount mailbox on a wall that is perpendicular to the wall with your front door.

To make sure the location of your wall mount mailbox is one that will bring ease to your daily mail collection, just glance out your windows or door viewfinder to discover potential locations.

TIP:  It may help to tape a piece of paper in locations that you are considering so you can determine the best location.

2. Study the area and wall where the wallmount mailbox will be mounted.

Are you mounting to brick? To wood? To siding? The color and texture of the surface you will be mounting the wall mount mailbox to is an important consideration in the finish, color and style of your mailbox.

TIP:  Consider taking a digital photograph of the area you are considering so that when you look online for your wallmount mailbox, you can quickly determine if the color, style, and finish will coordinate well with your location.

3. Consider style, finish and color of your wallmount mailbox.

It’s easy to fall in love with a particular mailbox style or color but it’s important to determine whether the wallmount mailbox you are considering will look right on the surface it will be mounted to.

If you have a brick wall, look for a wall-mount mailbox that is a solid color so that the pattern of the brick wall does not have to fight against a pattern on the mailbox.

If your wall is stucco or wood or siding in a solid color, your choices are wide-open.  You can choose a patterned or solid color mailbox.  Be careful however in trying to choose a mailbox to match the exact color of your mounting surface – it is much easier to find a mailbox that contrasts nicely than one that will match the color of your home.

4. Think security.

Due to the downturn in the economy, mail-theft is on the rise in many residential neighborhoods and locations.  It is often wise to purchase a secure locking wall mount mailbox.  These locking wall mount mailboxes allow the postal carrier to deliver your mail and collect the mail you wish to send without putting the mail you receive at risk.  In most cases, the secure locking wall-mount mailbox is a very inexpensive option and worth the investment for the peace of mind it brings.

5. Finally, consider this wonderful wall-mount mailbox accessory: a newpaper holder.

Many wall-mount mailboxes offer this option and if you are a newspaper subscriber it is a nice daily luxury to be able to collect your mail and paper in the same location.

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