Buy A Wall Mount Mailbox – 4 Easy Steps

November 25, 2013

Fleur De Lis Wall Mount MailboxWhen shopping for a home wall mount mailbox, many homeowners are flummoxed by their vast array of choices. But discovering the right choice among the myriad of residential wall mount mailboxes is not difficult if one considers the following four crucial steps:

  1. Mounting location
  2. Wall mount mailbox features
  3. Mailbox style and finish
  4. Where to buy a wall mount mailbox

Where to Install Your Wall Mount Mailbox

First, choose the best location to mount your residential mailbox. As the name “wall mount mailboxes” implies, they are uniquely designed for mounting on a wall.

So, begin the selection process by considering which wall to mount your mailbox on. As you make your choice, remember to consider three key factors in selecting the best location to place your wall mount mailbox:

  1. Accessibility
  2. Visibility
  3. Proximity

Keep Your Wall Mount Mailbox Accessible – This is critical during inclement weather conditions and for the ease of the postal delivery person who is delivering your mail. While your new wall mount mailbox may be designed to endure tough weather conditions, retrieving the mail during such conditions means you must endure that weather too. And it makes very little sense to purchase a quality wall mount mailbox that keeps your mail nice and dry when retrieving your mail only gets it soaking wet because of a poor mailbox location.

Keep Your Wall Mount Mailbox Visible from Indoors – There will be days when you are anticipating the mail to arrive or when you’d simply prefer to check if the mail has been delivered without having to open your front door. Therefore, it’s best to install your wall mount mailbox in a location that allows you to visibly determine (from your peep hole or side window) whether or not the mail has arrived.

Place Your Mailbox in Close Proximity to Your Front Door – Whether you are mitigating safety concerns or simply minimizing the number of steps you must take to retrieve your mail, it is often best to install your wall mount mailbox close to the front door, particularly on the wall perpendicular to your front door and close to your door knob.

Mail Boss Townhouse Wall Mount MailboxWall Mount Mailbox Features

The second step when trying to determine what will work best for your needs when choosing from the hundreds of available wall mount decorative mailbox styles, is to decide what key mailbox features you want. Consider such unique mailbox features as:

  • Mailbox newspaper holder
  • Mail arrival window (which allows you to see if the mail is inside the mailbox without opening it)
  • Locking wall mount mailboxes
  • Mailbox signal flag (to indicate outgoing mail is to be picked up by the mail carrier)
  • Small or large mailbox capacity (regular size for a few days of mail or larger size for more mail)

Wall Mount Mailbox Styles & Finish

The third step in determining your perfect choice among wall mount mailboxes is mailbox style and finish. While much of this step simply is determined by your personal desires, be sure to consider the architectural style of your home and how a particular style of wall mount mailbox will compliment your home’s stature and design.

First consider the macro-level view of the home’s style and building materials. What are the primary building materials utilized in your home; brick, stucco, wood slats, vinyl siding, or some other material? Maybe your home is Art Deco style, Neoclassical, Arts & Crafts, or modern.


Then consider the big picture. Look at the micro-level view of the porch area or wall where your choice of wall mount mailbox will be placed. By considering the style and materials of both the entire home (macro) and porch entrance (micro), you’ll be in the best position to choose the perfect wall mount mailbox style and color for your home.

Some homeowners even utilize a simple digital camera or camera phone to snap a few macro and micro photos so they can use these visuals to help them as they select the best wall mount mailbox.

Where to Buy Wall Mount Mailboxes

The final step is to consider the place where you will buy your new wall mount mailbox.

The MailboxWorks is the nation’s leading retailer of post mount and wall mount residential mailboxes and offers top-notch customer service both during the time you are buying the mailbox as well as years later, if you need assistance with a product question. In addition, The MailboxWorks offers excellent pricing and the widest selection of residential wall mount mailboxes in the nation.

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