Two Stunning Brass Wall Mounted Mailboxes

November 9, 2016 9:28 pm

Like brass doorknobs and door-knockers or brass faucets and other distinctive home hardware, look to brass if you want unique wall mounted mailboxes that stand out.

Two of the most popular brands for brass mailboxes are wall mount mailboxes made by Qualarc Products and America’s Finest Mailbox Company, and both lines are available online at The MailboxWorks.

QualArc Provincial Roll Top Wall MountQualarc Brass Mailboxes

Available as a non-locking or locking brass mailbox, the Qualarc wall mount mailbox can be purchased as either a vertical or horizontal residential mailbox.

The MailboxWork’s brass wall mount mailboxes by Qualarc Products are a solid choice featuring heavy gauge construction and include:

Designed to fit within an architectural design rather than overpower it, the QualArc Provincial wall mount mailboxes include a roll top configuration that looks like the silhouette of an open book (pictured here) as well as a standard mailbox design.

Along with the shiny look of polished brass finish, other possible finishes include the old world charm of antique hammered brass or antique hammered copper that “looks like it’s always been there.” Slight imperfections and unique finishes are inherently purposeful in the character-imbuing process of the handcrafted mailbox construction.

Qualarc wall mounted mailboxes are also unique in that a standard provision includes two matching newspaper hooks designed to hold the daily news. For homeowners looking for a refined wall mount mailbox option that doesn’t overpower the space it is mounted in, QualArc wall mounted mailboxes are an excellent choice.

America's Finest Large Wall Mount MailboxAmerica’s Finest Brass Mailbox Options

Also available as a non-locking or locking brass mailbox, the residential brass mailboxes by America’s Finest Mailbox Company are unique wall mounted mailboxes in that they can feature your choice of five different glass panels in combination with dozens of unique and creative cutout designs.

In fact, with the 6 possible finishes, 5 possible glass panels and dozens of possible cutouts, there are over 4000 possible design combinations between the vertical and horizontal residential brass mailbox.

Brass wall mount mailboxes by the America’s Finest Mailbox Company include:

  • America’s Finest Vertical Brass Mailbox
  • America’s Finest Horizontal Brass Mailbox
  • America’s Finest Horizontal Large Brass Mailbox

All America’s Finest wall mount mailboxes are handmade of solid brass with a hand-applied patina finish that darkens naturally over time. Available finishes include Architectural Bronze, New Verde, Old Brass, Old Penny, Textured Black and Warm Brass.

Corner rivets provide a subtle accent and a clear lacquer finish seals the finish and protects the mailbox from the elements. An interior rubber bumper is also affixed to the hinged mailbox door to ensure the mailbox door opens and closes quietly.

Additionally, a unique LED light insert kit that can be configured with both 12 volt and 120-volt wiring is included to make these wall mounted mailboxes “pop” with light. Traditional locking mailbox door and magazine racks are also available.

To learn more about our huge selection of brass wall mount mailboxes or if you need help placing an order, please contact us online or call our mailbox experts toll free at 1-866-717-4943.

Be sure to check out our full line of brass mailboxes for sale.

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