A Primer on Bommer Commercial Mailboxes

March 14, 2012 2:01 pm

Bommer 16 Door NDCBU Commercial MailboxFounded 125 years ago in Manhattan, New York by Lorenz Bommer, the inventor of the double action spring hinge, Bommer Industries is renowned for their finesse in crafting high quality commercial products. Bommer Industries expertise in Commercial Mailboxes dates back to 1947.

Today, The MailboxWork’s line of Bommer Mailboxes is recognized as being from one of the most experienced and respected commercial mailbox manufacturers in the world. In fact, Bommer Industries is a USA exclusive manufacturer with a product line of commercial mailboxes that includes:

  • Horizontal Commercial Mailboxes
  • Vertical Commercial Mailboxes
  • Parcel Lockers
  • Outdoor Pedestal Mailboxes
  • And Cluster Box Units (CBU Mailboxes)

The MailboxWork’s line of Bommer mailboxes specifically focus on replacement commercial mailboxes that have been decertified by the United States Postal Service (USPS) and may only be used to replace existing pedestal mailboxes such as the NDCBU mailboxes.  Bommer NDCBU mailboxes utilize an open and adaptable design construct allowing the commercial mailbox buyer to customize their own combination of mailbox tenant doors within a wide variety of choices.

Savvy mailbox buyers however have noted that Bommer NDCBU commercial mailboxes, while not USPS certified, may be used for a wide variety of other applications including as private distribution mailboxes and collection boxes for print materials, small packages or other sundry items.

Bommer NDCBU mailboxes are available in three standard mailbox configurations:

  1. The 8 door Type 1 NDCBU Mailboxes
  2. The 12 Door Type 2 NDCBU Mailboxes
  3. The 16 Door Type 3 NDCBU Mailboxes

And as noted, you can Custom Configure NDCBU Bommer Mailboxes with door sizes ranging from 5 inches high and 6 inches wide to 10 1/2 “high by 12 ½” wide parcel locker sized doors.   Expert assistance in laying out one’s custom design is available by calling The MailboxWorks toll free at 1-866-717-4943.

The Bommer mailboxes (NDCBU mailboxes) are available in five custom finishes:  anodized aluminum, gold powder coat, medium bronze powder coat, dark bronze powder coat, and black powder coat.

These Bommer NDCBU mailboxes utilize a rear access door that allows the mail delivery agent to have quick access to all tenant mailboxes at once – ensuring that mail delivery is efficient and quick.  Additionally, the extruded aluminum framing and double-walled mailbox compartments provide a strong core strength and protective security.   The standard postal lock (which must be ordered if the NDCBU Bommer mailboxes are ordered as replacement mailboxes) can be switched out for an optional private master lock if not used as a replacement mailbox.

The Bommer mailboxes (NDCBU) may be ordered with engraved, numbered tenant doors – and as an option for non-replacement NDCBU’s – the first compartment, which normally arrives with a standard plugged slot for the postal carrier’s postal lock, can be converted into a usable tenant mailbox slot.

If replacing or ordering six or more NDCBU Bommer mailboxes, call The MailboxWorks at 1-866-717-4943 as quantity discounts may be available.


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