Should You Buy Address Plaques or House Address Numbers?

December 7, 2016

Between home address plaques and numbers, there are a lot of choices available to homeowners. The question is, which should you consider, address plaques or decorative house numbers?

Whether you are building a new home or simply making sure your address is well displayed and visible on your current residence, you will eventually face the “address dilemma,” whether to go with address plaques or address numbers?

In this article, the experts at The MailboxWorks will look at address plaques and numbers, and lead you through the advantages of both.

Comparing Address Plaques and Numbers

Architectural Mailboxes Laguna Address House NumbersFaster Shipping = House Numbers

If you are in a hurry, decorative house numbers often have a strong advantage over custom address plaques when it comes to processing and shipping times. You simply select the house numbers you need for your address and typically, the order processing time is minimal. For example, at The MailboxWorks, the 4 inch Laguna House Numbers and 4 Inch Fuoriserie Ecco House Numbers ship in one day.

Certainly, there are address plaques that also ship in one day like the Whitehall or Gaines address plaques, but by most accounts, house address numbers ship faster than address plaques.

Easy Installation = Address Plaques

On the flip side, address plaques hold the advantage over house numbers in terms of ease of installation. For example, if you have a five-digit address, most house numbers will require two screws (or mount attachments) per numeral, which is ten in total to install. Turning ten screws rarely poses a difficult task for homeowners but an address plaque often can be installed with merely two screws.

And when you consider that every decorative house number needs to be level when installed so they line up with the other numerals, a single address plaque offers a much easier and quicker installation process.

Majestic Small Oval Brass Address PlaqueMore Mounting Options = House Numbers

Mounting options are quite different between address plaques and number. House address numbers provide a significant advantage over address plaques in the creative manner in which they can be mounted. While address plaques and numbers are available in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes, there’s usually only one proper way to mount an address plaque: level.

But house numbers can be installed with far more variety and creativity than their address plaque counterparts. You an mount address numbers in a semi-circle or on an angle, or across an eve of the house, or upon different surface levels.

Background Contrast = Address Plaques

While the contrasts noted above are the primary differences between address plaques and numbers, the experts at The MailboxWorks also suggest that homeowners consider a few more of the nuances of each approach.

For example, what is the textural contrast and color contrast between the home and the preferred numbering solution?

Some decorative house numbers may get lost in the contrast between a shiny siding and a similar color, whereas an address plaque is designed with a background to provide the maximum contrast for the address numbers to be seen.

Best Budget Value = House Numbers

If budget is a concern, house address numbers are typically less expensive than address plaques, unless one has a five or six-digit address and then the reverse may be true.

QualArc Bayside Lighted Address PlaqueReflective & Lighted Address Signs

The MailboxWorks also suggests that homeowners consider not only how their address plaques and numbers will look during the day time hours, but also how they will appear in the evenings or late at night. If emergency response personnel or firetrucks were to be called to the residence can your address be seen from the road? For this situation, consider illuminated address signs.

If the area in which the address numbers are not adequately lit, The MailboxWorks offers address plaques with lighting options inside of them (such as the QualArc Bayside Lighted Address Sign). We also carry solar powered lamps that can be mounted above to illuminate your house numbers or address plaque.

Need Help Deciding Between Address Plaques and Numbers?

If you are unsure whether to buy an address plaque or go with decorative house numbers and you need assistance ordering, please call and speak with our mailbox experts toll free at 1-866-717-4943. You can also use our online contact form to reach us here at The Mailboxworks.


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