Mounting Options for Versatile 4C Mailboxes

October 23, 2012

When experienced contractors and builders think of commercial mounted 4C mailbox units, most picture the popular standard horizontal, USPS approved 4C mailboxes in their typical installation; recessed into a wall.  And that makes sense since the majority of 4C Mailboxes in use in North America are recessed. But recessing Commercial Mailboxes like the Auth Florence 4C mailbox units is not the only mounting option for these very versatile 4C mailboxes.

In the past, recessed 4C mailboxes restricted their application to very specific projects. Today, surface mounted 4C mailboxes and shelter mounted 4C mailboxes (installed in freestanding units such as Auth Florence Vario Depot kits) are now available.

In this article, we’ll explore the creative uses of these new mounting options that provide contractors and builders with even greater flexibility when mounting these very versatile, commercial 4C mailbox units.

4C Surface Mounted MailboxesSurface Mounted 4C Mailboxes

For contractors or developers constrained by less than seventeen inches of wall depth (the required depth for recessing 4C mailboxes into a wall), a surface mount collar may be utilized to mount 4C mailboxes (as the name implies) to the surface of a wall. The surface mount collar is designed to cover the typically unexposed sides of 4C mailboxes that are normally recessed into the wall. Picture a box with sides and a back in which the 4C mailbox units are inserted into an open-top. The 4C mailbox installation is a snap. The collar is first mounted by attaching the back of the collar unit to the wall. Then the entire 4C mailbox unit is inserted into the surface mount collar and secured with the provided mounting hardware. The surface mount collars provide two significant functions:

  1. Ascetically, it creates a smooth flat surface for the top, bottom, and sides of 4C mailboxes
  2. Plus, it provides a way to mount 4C mailboxes to the wall without having to recess the units into the wall

And the surface mount collars for 4C mailboxes are available in all the standard color options and shipped to match the particular color selection of the 4C mailboxes ordered.

UPDATE: 4C Pedestal Mailboxes have been discontinued as of November 30, 2020. The USPS Cluster Box Unit (CBU) Mailbox is now the standard for all multi-family mail delivery.

Auth Florence Vario Express Shelter Installations

For installations where walls are not available, contractors and developers also have the option to insert 4C mailboxes into a pre-engineered mail stand kit (called Vario Express Mail Shelters). These mail stand kits are very similar to the surface mount collars except they are designed with a solid, finished back so the units may be placed outside, anywhere the postal service approves. Many developers are utilizing these free-standing mail stand kits for 4C mailboxes in groupings so that a mailbox center is created on the property; this enhanced centralized mail delivery system also enhances tenant community and hence, tenants retention.

Additionally, the standard Vario Depot kits can be upgraded utilizing the Vario Express 4C Mailbox Packages. These Vario Express packages come with steel posts and horizontal beams that embrace the 4C Mailboxes much like the surface mount collars; 4C mailboxes can even be installed back-to-back for even greater versatility. These Vario Express Packages provide builders and developers with a fast and simple way to improve the look of 4C mailboxes within the constraints of one’s budget.

Covered Mail Shelters

To go even one step further with a mail stand, one should consider the benefits of the Vario 4C Commercial Mailbox Shelters. These units utilize a roof structure that can match the roofing materials of one’s complex. The Vario shelters do an excellent job of protecting one’s tenants as well as their mailboxes from inclement weather conditions.


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