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Primo Matting by U.S. Cocoa Mat LLC

Primo Matting Door Mats by U.S. Cocoa Mat LLC have been manufactured in the USA since 1889, more than 125 years! Such prosperity and popularity is driven by Primo Matting’s ability to provide a unique product at affordable prices that is far superior to imitation door mats. All Primo Matting door mats are made in Cocoa Mat’s cutting edge manufacturing facility in St. George, South Carolina, where constant innovation is always a given.

These Primo Matting Charleston door mats are specifically designed from natural coir (coconut) fiber bristles that preserve their original quality and appearance. The coir is inserted into weatherproof backing and creates a natural cleaning surface for dirty shoes and boots. Artificial cocoa mats and synthetic mats are much more inferior to the real thing! The MailboxWorks has a large selection of unique door mats from Primo Matting mats. Choose from personalized door mats such as the Charleston name door mat or the Charleston monogram door mat.

Consider a last name door mat as the next wedding gift you give, or replace your old dirty worn out door mat with your very own personalized Charleston border door mat. These welcoming front door mats, which feature the look of natural coir fiber, will add a beautiful first impression for visiting family and guests to your home! The MailboxWorks also carries a full line of personalized door mats.