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Amco Mailbox with Post Selection - Curbside Mailboxes and Posts

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Amco Victorian Pedestal Mailbox Product Image

AmcoAmco Victorian Pedestal Mailbox

3 Available Colors

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Amco Colonial Pedestal Locking Mailbox Product Image

AmcoAmco Colonial Pedestal Locking Mailbox

3 Available Colors

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Mailbox with Post Combos

Looking for a new mailbox with post combo? Here, you will find decorative, residential mailboxes with posts by well-established brands like Gaines, Qualarc, Bobi, Ecco, and Whitehall.

The MailboxWorks is the largest online distributor of residential mailboxes. Our inventory includes mailbox post combos in a variety of styles and colors and locking and non-locking options. Whether you are a homeowner or a residential builder, we trust you will find the right mailbox to fit your exact needs.

Classic Mailbox with Post Set

Many homeowners, homeowner associations (HOAs), and builders want classic mailbox styles such as bronze or copper Victorian mailboxes. The MailboxWorks carries a full lineup of post mount mailboxes by Whitehall Products, Architectural Mailboxes, and Gaines Manufacturing.

Modern Mailbox with Post

We offer contemporary curbside mailboxes by Bobi, Ecco, and European Home for those seeking the clean lines of modern aluminum or stainless steel styles. Many modern mailboxes with posts are available with locking features if you are looking for mail security. You can also purchase a dVault brand if mail theft is a concern in your area. And for those just wanting to make the postal carrier laugh, we also a wide variety of novelty-style mailboxes.

Mailbox with Post Custom Features

Many mailbox packages provide a wide array of custom features such as address panels, locking features, post cuffs (to hide unsightly concrete pours), plus newspaper holders and finials.

Additionally, for homeowners concerned about package delivery, parcel delivery drop boxes are also available. These can be post-mounted or installed in a masonry or stone column. The dVault models allow the postal carrier to deliver packages and mail without a key and secure the mail until the homeowner is ready to retrieve it.

Multi-Unit Mailboxes on a Single Post

You can purchase mailboxes with posts as double or multi-mount mailboxes by homeowner associations and builders. Such multi-unit mailbox and post combinations provide significant labor and material cost savings to developers and HOAs by installing multiple mailboxes on a single post or dual post.

FAQ on Post Mount Mailboxes

What is a post mounted mailbox?

Most roadside rural mailboxes are post mounted mailboxes. You may also find post mounted mailboxes in urban communities that still receive curbside mail delivery. You can configure your post-mounted mailbox as non-locking or locking (to prevent mail theft), and you can install the mailbox post either in-ground or bolted onto a concrete surface.

How much does a mailbox post cost?

Mailbox post prices can vary quite a bit depending on the type of mailbox post you need, how you plan to install it, and whether you install it yourself. Wooden mailbox posts can be less expensive, and often homeowners prefer to install these posts in the ground. In contrast, metal and aluminum mailbox posts may cost more, and owners tend to bolt these posts onto a concrete pad.

Does a mailbox post need concrete?

Yes, pouring concrete into the post hole will help secure an in-ground mailbox post and protect wooden posts from rot. Above ground metal and aluminum mailbox posts are generally bolted to a concrete pad pre-set with anchor bolts.

How deep does a mailbox post have to be?

When digging a hole to install a wooden in-ground mailbox post, USPS suggests that the post hole be no more than 2 feet deep. Once installed, the curbside mailbox’s top must be between 41” and 45” above the ground. You should install the mailbox post between 6” and 8” in from the curb.

What side of the road do I put my mailbox?

In North America, roadside post mount mailboxes must be easily accessible for mail carriers. Install curbside mailboxes on the right-hand side of the road and the far side of a driveway in the direction of the vehicle traffic.

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