Weathervanes for Sale by Good Directions, Whitehall

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Whitehall 46 Inch Horse Traditional Weathervane$189.372 Colors Availablefree shipping
Whitehall Hummingbird Garden Weathervane$0.002 Colors Available 
Whitehall Cow Over Moon Garden Weathervane$64.232 Colors Availablefree shipping
Whitehall Copper Deer Classic Weathervane$267.222 Colors Availablefree shipping

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Buy metal, copper, and cast aluminum Whitehall weathervanes featuring castings that are world renowned for elegance of design and intricate details. We also feature copper weathervanes by Good Directions. Designed to revolve and point in the direction of the wind, our home, barn, and garden weathervanes are typically mounted to the top of a roof, attached to a cupola, or on a post. There are a lot more types of weathervanes than just the classic rooster weathervane.

The MailboxWorks has a unique weathervane for everyone and every taste! Our Home and Garden catalog has horse weathervanes, boat weathervanes, bird weathervanes, train automobile and airplane weathervanes, and decorative garden weathervanes. We also have a collection of magical weathervanes including a dragon, unicorn and mermaid weathervane! Our extended collection of animal weathervanes includes whales, eagles, pigs, rabbits, horses, bears, deer and more! Most of our weathervanes come with various mounting options and hardware including a roof mount, cupola extension rod, or garden pole.

Don’t forget that we also carry cupolas for mounting our custom and unusual weathervanes plus outdoor garden finials. The MailboxWorks invites you to shop from our selection of outdoor weathervanes for sale online or browse our entire Garden Accessories catalog!