Whitehall Garden Hose Holders and Good Directions Hose Pots

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Whitehall Perrault Hose Holder$108.97free shipping
Whitehall Filigree Hose Holder$66.57free shipping
Whitehall Butterfly Hose Holder$66.57free shipping
Whitehall Tendril Hose Holder$66.57free shipping
Whitehall Frog Hose Holder$66.57free shipping
Whitehall Victorian Hose Holder$54.73free shipping
Whitehall Chickadee Hose Holder$54.73free shipping
Whitehall Foliate Hose Holder$66.57free shipping

Hose Holders and Hose Pots

The Whitehall hose holder collection adds elegance and convenient functionality to your outdoor space. The classic appearance and wrought iron look of these garden hose holders are much classier and much more durable than ordinary plastic hose reels. There are two main styles to choose from: a hose holder wall mount to be attached to a house, garage, shed or gazebo, or the free stranding garden hose holder that can be installed anywhere in the garden.

The mounted garden hose holders come in a number of styles and designs including the full circle Perrault, Chadwick or Veniti design, and the coil hose holder featuring designs like the Butterfly, Tendril, Frog, Vine, Trellis, Victorian, Fleu-de-lis, Chickadee, Foliate and Filigree. Each Whitehall decorative hose holder is made from rust-free recycled aluminum.

The coiled garden hose holder also comes in a variety of finishes including Copper Verdi, French Bronze and Oil Rub Bronze, all carefully finished with a weather-resistant paint to protect against the natural elements. Shop below to browse all of our decorative garden hose holders, outdoor garden faucets, and brass hose pots or view all of our Garden Accessories to give your backyard a complete makeover!