Hose Holders and Outdoor Faucets

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Hose Holders and Outdoor Faucets

Whitehall’s hose holders and outdoor faucets add charm and function to your outdoor space.

Hose Holders

These hose holders have a classic look. They are made of wrought iron. This material is much stronger than ordinary plastic hose reels. There are two main styles to choose from. We have a hose holder wall mount that can be attached to a house or garage as well as a shed or gazebo. We also have a free-standing garden hose holder that can be installed anywhere!

The mounted garden hose holders come in many styles and designs. These designs include the full circle Perrault, Chadwick, or Veniti design. The coil hose holder has designs like the Butterfly, Tendril, Frog, or Vine, as well as the Trellis, Victorian, Fleur-de-lis, Chickadee, Foliate, and Filigree. Each Whitehall decorative hose holder is made from rust-free recycled aluminum.

The coiled garden hose holder also comes in a variety of finishes. These finishes include copper Verdi, French bronze, and oil-rubbed bronze. All of these are carefully topped with weather-resistant paint to protect against the elements. Browse all of our decorative garden hose holders, outdoor garden faucets, or view all of our Garden Accessories to give your backyard a complete makeover!

Outdoor Faucets

Replace your ordinary outdoor water faucet with a beautifully designed Whitehall garden faucet. These faucets are handcrafted from brass and feature a sculpted decorative animal for added detail. Choose from outdoor garden faucets with a chickadee, quail, or bullfrog as well as a butterfly, turtle, hummingbird, dragonfly, or cardinal!

Each garden hose faucet is permanently mounted on a 3/4’” brass hose bib. Whitehall also goes one step further by putting a polished verdigris patina finish on these faucets. Be sure to check out our hose holders in our home and garden accessories section as well!

Do you have questions about our decorative hose holders and outdoor faucets? Call us at (866) 717-4943 or use the “Chat With Us” link at the top right of your screen. You can also use our contact form.