Good Directions Copper Finials for Roof or Cupola

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Copper Finials

Turn your humble abode into a castle with these exquisite decorative copper finials. These copper roof finials will make a theatrical statement no matter where you decide to mount them, on a cupola, a turrets, a rooftop, or simply in the yard as part of your topiary or decorative structure.

Distinguish your home and garden with Good Directions copper finials in a variety of designs including the classic Fleur De Lis finial, traditional Lancelot copper finial, or the understated Avalon copper finial. Both the Guinevere and Merlin antique finials feature intricate design elements. Made from 24-gauge copper, each Good Directions roof finial is available in polished copper finish and comes with a powder coated steel rod for installation.

Add on finial mounting options include roof mount, garden pole or extension rod. Many customers opt to add these outdoor garden finials throughout their yard as finishing touches. Ask our friendly MailboxWorks staff about any of the decorative copper finials below, or call our Toll Free Number 1-800-824-9985 if you need assistance in ordering. Be sure to also browse the rest of our Home and Garden Accessories including complimentary cupolas and weathervanes!